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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Round-up: Plan B

Hmmm. I signed on all ready to try and do a real round-up, but Blogger is having a moment. The list of all our sites and which are updated is not appearing in the sidebar at present. It was there earlier today, but I decided to leave the update till after dinner. Procrastination is always such a bad idea.

Well, Plan B. What's the most dramatic emergency Plan B story of your ministry? The one that leaps immediately to my mind is the year the Interim Senior Pastor I was working with delegated the whole of one Christmas Eve service to me. Do what you want! Go for it! What was not communicated to me clearly was that our regular organist was not available for this "extra" service and I needed to recruit an accompanist as well. So it's ten minutes till the service starts and I'm searching high and low for our organist. Where is she? Why is she so late? Finally someone says, "She's not playing for this service. She asked me the other day if I knew who you'd gotten to do it." AHHHHHHHH! Luckily there was someone else present who was a passable pianist. She wasn't expecting to play, hadn't rehearsed, but we pulled it off, barely.

Can you beat that?


  1. a book of plan Bs would be fun to read

    TODAY the lady who was supposed to lead the service - had the script for the min i drama she herself had planned -

    what did we do?

    no-one would have known it was otherwise and it went off very well IMHO

    maybe this was God's plan A ????

    be blessed

    PS our pastor didn't turn up today either. Not sure why. I've tried phoning and also sent a couple of text messages. Praying he's ok at least. Most peculiar.

    PPS No idea who locked up the church and blew out the candles. Hopefully someone did!!! (I had to take a child home)

  2. Last year on the day of the Christmas Pageant, our "Mary" was late, so late that eventually we had to draft a substitute. I drafted a third-grade girl who was quite tall for her age, only to discover that she was boy-averse and didn't want Joseph (played by #2 Son) to take her arm.
    About five minutes into the service, I looked up and saw the erstwhile Mother of God arriving with her father!

  3. By the way, that Christmas story of yours is just so awful. How could a Senior Pastor not make it clear that there was no musician? Aargh!!

  4. Ouch, PCIT! That makes me nervous just to hear about it.

  5. The Sr. Pastor had announced at a staff meeting that, due to some increased family challenges, our organist would be cutting back on how many "extra" serviced she would be available for. (Weddings, funerals, mid-week stuff) She just never let me know specifically that the early Christmas Eve service was "extra"--though since we had not had a 5pm service in the past, it probably should have occured to me to clarify.

  6. update on our pastor. He is fine and not in a frozen ditch somewhere.

    He was attending a service in a local community where we are probably planting a church . I didn't know that, and neither did the church secretary, but since we were responsible for the service it was ok. I think he probably thought we knew. Strange though!


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