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Monday, November 07, 2005

Rounding up Sunday

Go see the rainbow and find out what's been happening with OP/EN at Mary's place...and definitely do not miss Will Smama's sermon tool. I want to go to HER church! :)

Ciona at A Thing with Feathers remembers a lovely little girl and her cow, AND (in the previous post) opens a new door for your humble reporter by commenting on the UMC Book of Discipline. AND, Reverend Mommy posts on this ominously named book as well! I never knew of such....being an Episcopalian-type.....The things I learn here! I feel a blog post a-comin'!

Need a little fun? Bad Alice refers us to Archie McPhee's wonderful, wonderful, fabulous bizarro toystore. If you need gifts (or maybe just someplace to waste a little virtual time looking), this is your spot! And also in the fun and games area, Bethquick has a link to a "How Well Do You Know Your Bible" quiz. And St. Casserole's joke contest (Nov 2-5) is a treasure. Link to it in your "Favorites" now, so you can find it on a future dark day.

HeyJules is working hard on that book, and (as usual) making us think about Christians, Christianity, and life. And LutheranChik's church is doing a prayer exchange.

ReverendMother is writing! and being published. And Lorna's books from Mindy's bookswap have JUST come! and they are wonderful. Talk about anticipation and joyous surprise!

Halloween followup...Ann's church gave out 300 BIG candy bars with an awesome sticker. (Obviously, the big candybars are the way to go....I, myself, with little WillyWonka candies, had a scant 3 (three!) trick or treaters, one of which was a college age couple who didn't want any candy, but to show off their dog's devil costume.) (Which was delightful).

Wishing you all a lovely week.


  1. Hey Mindy...why aren't you on the bloglist? I'm not a Rev person any more than you are....probly less than you are!

    ;) Mary Beth

  2. I don't know. I guess I thought that they would have to add me.

  3. They do, and they WILL! I'll ask Songbird, I'm pretty sure she can do it readily.

    Only reason I got added right at first was, I was lurking on the St. Cass comment-fest back in July - when the whole blog-ring thing came up. "How nice for the rev-ladies," I thought.

    And when they said "T-shirt" I immediately unlurked and said, "T-shirt! T-shirt! NOW I HAVE TO HAVE ONE!" And they said sweetly, "great! We'll sign you up!" Suddenly I was a blog-pal.

    And you are too. We'll get you on the list.

    Happy eve,



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