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Monday, November 07, 2005

Time to spice up the CafePress store

With ChristmaHanuKwanzaakah upon us, it's time to think about gifts for those special someones. Of course the Advent Devotional should be tops on your list this season, but don't forget our CafePress store for all your shopping needs!

$1 on every purchase goes to Heifer International. However, CafePress will only cut me a check after we've earned $25 worth of commissions, and if you don't generate that much within six months they keep your commission. I think I opened the store in July so we're looking at January for the first "deadline."

However, so I will not sound like one of those extortive TV preachers, I will simply remind you of the store, and say that if you have any ideas of stuff you'd like to see at the store--new slogans on T-shirts, etc.--just let me know and I'll make it happen. We can beef up our "bargain basement" stuff too--journals, notecards--all profits to Heifer.

Have a great Monday!


  1. I will be ordering a long-sleeved version of the Rev Gal shirt -- for winter :)

    I've been thinking about a Christmas themed slogan. So far only came up with one suggestion.

    How about "It's a Wonderful RevGal Life"
    -- all of us, whether we know it or not, are like George Bailey in the Frank Capra classic -- we have an impact on the lives around us. Christmas is a good time to remember that.

    I'll keep thinking on it while I go back to help Pillar make TBDSSE -- The Best Darn Spaghetti Sauce Ever :)

  2. I'm DEFINITELY buying a few of the "Does this pulpit make my butt look big" mugs.

  3. Sue, you come up with the best stuff. Didn't you coin the RevGalStandard Version?

  4. Hark! The RevGalBlogPal Ring . . .

    We'd need a cute graphic to go with it.

  5. Yes on the RGSV....which gets me to thinking.... how about:

    Luke 2: 1-14 That's What Christmas Is All About RevGals

    (a paraphrase of Linus)

    I like PCIT's suggestion too, but I have no skill with graphics.

  6. I would love to see a coffee mug and book bag that says "That'll blog."

    What great presents for all my blogging buddies!

  7. Thinking that my baby boy needs a creeper or a onesie thing that says, "My mom's the RevGal" ....

  8. I had a visit from the troll today. someone named judas macabeus or something like that. deleted. will continue to be deleted.

  9. I've still escaped his addled wrath (knocking on wood).

    Keep those suggestions comin'; I'll throw a poll up on the site with all the contenders and people can vote for their favorites. I would just make merchandise with everything but with the free version of the store you can only have one design per item.

    The pulpit line will definitely stay.

  10. Strange, I invited the troll to visit but have yet to see any sign of his presence. Maybe he really is just that misogynistic (or he doesn't see me worth annoying).

    ANyway, any RevGals who have yet to do the "5 things" Meme consider yourselves duly tagged.

  11. I like pink shoes' idea (although in my case the gender would be wrong...)

  12. What if it said:

    That would work for our dads, too.
    Also any infants who are marked as future clergywomen.

  13. I tried to center "Baby" under "RevGalBlogPal" but Blogger did not support it.

  14. Songbird is our maven of inclusiveness!

    I offer up

    'Tis the season to be blogging

    and see that there are products we haven't gotten into yet such as refrigerator magnets, bumper stickers, tile coasters, and ornaments. And yes, kid stuff.

  15. Since my husband is also a pastor, I guess it would be good if Baby Boy could wear it at both congregations --

  16. We now have a "that'll blog" tote bag and mug up on the site. That was an easy change to make; the others will require coming up with new graphics.

    Keep those suggestions comin' and we can set up a poll to figure out the favorites.

  17. I love RevGalBabyPal, although not enough to have a baby.

    "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men"--what can we do to make this famous KJV phrase a RevGalStandardVersion phrase? Sue, be pithy!

    On a moderately related note, I have about six more "Peace on Earth: It's not just for Christmas Anymore" bumper stickers in a nice seasonal green. I'm happy to mail them out to anyone who wants them. Just send me an e-mail if you are interested.

  18. How about this:

    "Yes, Virginia, they do ordain women!"

    Albeit realizing that's not so inclusive to our non mainline protestant sisters and brothers.

  19. Oh Katherine, I love it. I would buy that one for sure.

    how about this for the RGSV version of the Luke passage:

    "Glory to God in all creation, and on earth peace, goodness and love for all."

  20. I want that Yes, Virginia slogan. Very, very, very much. I can see it on a bumper sticker, a pin, a shirt, a--whoa, I'm a little too excited, gals. It's sassy. But, you're right, in our context it is perhaps not inclusive enough. So as our Guardian Angel of Inclusivity, I will rein myself in and stop jumping up and down. Sadly.

  21. Not sure if this is original, but it struck me as I was driving home from a 3 HOUR council meeting tonight:

    Been there.
    Done that.
    Blogged about it.

  22. Glory to God
    Peace on Earth
    Goodwill to All

    I'm never that pithy, but you can only put so much on a T-shirt.

  23. Perfect Songbird. That's it!

    Pinkshoes -- 3 hours? Ugh. There oughta be a law.

    I like the "been there, done that" -- good stuff.

  24. Recently CafePress began competing with the artists for whom it acts as printer and shipper.

    CafePress rents web shops to its artists. The artist creates a website page and manually loads the desired blank products. The artist imports his image onto each product, arranges the products on the page, describes the products, titles the products and tags the images.

    Initially, the artist would set a markup and received the markup for each product sold.

    However, recently CafePress began competing with its artists, using the artists' own images. CafePress created a marketplace where a customer can search a keyword. That search brings up artist products. When the customer buys from the marketplace CafePress pays the artist 10% of the price CafePress set. Both the customer and the artist lose money. If the artist's shop sells a t-shirt for $21, the artist makes $3.01. If the marketplace sells the same shirt for $25, the artist gets $2.50. The customer pays $4 more, and the artist gets $0.51 less.

    CafePress tells artists to "promote your own shop," but CafePress buys Google adwords using the very image tags the artist provided.

    CafePress justifies this bait and switch of service terms by telling artists they can opt out if they don't like the new terms; however, many have spent as much as 7 or 8 years creating as much as 88000 images.

    In spite of their sweat-equity, many shopkeepers (content providers) are building shops at other print-on-demand companies and then closing their CafePress shops due to the broken faith and trust, the financial hardship CafePress has delivered into so many lives, and the huge amount of time and dedicated effort all lost in the momentum of their own businesses. Would you keep your AMOCO station franchise if AMOCO built a company store across the street from you?


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