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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Signs of the Season

As we move through Hallowsgivingmas, several RevGals are getting in the spirit of the season. The first Rant Against the Secular American Christmas of the year was spotted today at Any Day a Beautiful Change. Stacey posts her "famous" satirical take on "The Twelve Days After Christmas" and Rebel challenges you to name your LEAST favorite Christmas song.

Cheesehead joins Reverend Mother in debating whether or not it's time to shed some of the anonymity of her blog so she can share our Advent book with friends and let them know she had a part in it.

Preacher Mom blogged about the process of working through the question of whether it's time to consider a new call, while Rachel of the aptly named The Big Dunk remembers her baptism and Will Smama debunks the Myth that She Doesn't Get Along Well With Other Women.

Joe Tiedemann's posts about his two year old son and his daughter's "Pajama Party Rules" will bring a smile to your face.

Blessings, everyone!


  1. It's funny--my very first blog ever was a list of Christmas songs, categorized. I was feeling idle at work a couple days before Christmas two years ago, and reverendmother: the blog was born.

    I shall head over to Rebel's place and register my least favorite song post haste.

  2. FOr a beautiful (and, in my case, tear provoking) video about why we pause for silence on Nov 11 check out the link I posted this AM

  3. Changing the subject....BOOK QUESTIONS: (which book? A Light Blazes, is there any other book?!)

    1) Do the ones that are going out now have the correct cover?

    and, 2) What is it we really, REALLY have to do to get the messed-up ones replaced?

    At first I understood that the mess-up ones would be automatically replaced, so I waited. Then I finally wrote to Lulu, and just yesterday they e-mailed to say they are reprinting and will send the new ones. WAITING!

    In the meantime, I need to figure out what the REAL story is, to tell all the hapless people who generously ran out and bought it right away - only to get it with a mess-up cover.

    Thanks for any light that can be shed on this situation (hee hee)

  4. I got on the "live help" with 'Jason' at lulu yesterday. He assured me that they are automatically being sent, probably the begining of next week. I reminded him that the content was time-sensitive, but that didn't seem to make much difference.

    But if you want, go to live help and give them a nudge if it makes you feel better--it did me.

  5. Thanks for the recommendation to use "live help." I sent an e-mail shortly after they arrived and have only received an automated confirmation that my e-mail arrived, no information about the books themselves.

  6. While we're talking about the book, and maybe I missed this, did we decide what agency we're sending the proceeds to?

  7. You might have missed this news too
    but for the first time ever - a Methodist (and she's a Woman!) will preach at the Church of England General Synod

  8. PS how are the book sales? Has anyone been checking

    I DO hope that the overseas ones aren't among those which need to be resent. or if they are that they are already on their way. Otherwise we'll miss the deadline.

    This might be something to be aware of in the next book and get a printing a bit earlier. Lulu has been good to use because of their free posting to europe which makes a GREAT difference to overseas orders!

    (otherwise post costs can be as much as the book itself!)


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