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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Updates for Thursday

Zinnhead blogs about lighting fires under person's, ahem, anatomy.

Yoda Beth is home from Yellowstone, after a really good milkshake.

Natty is blogging about Needles, Drugs and Customer Service. What a combination!

Twerpette gets tweaky with the Illiad and refrigerator magnets (I do like the collection.)

Mark, better known as Bishop Church Ruth Nerd is being locked in with teenagers. How come I feel like chortling and laughing like "Mu hah hah hah"? Sorry Mark. My condolences.

Our Beloved St. Cassie asks Fish the Kitten 10 questions.

Sister Mary Alternative, better know as Jen blogs about sin and the postmodern girl.

Being Shielded blogs about her conflict and retreats. So much fun, but so much to do!

Our Beloved Lorna merely asks "why?" Why do we keep some blogs on our blogroll?

I blog about the fuss and bother in the UMC. Still. Hope you all aren't getting bored with it.

Rev. Dr. Mom asks a different "Why" -- "Why do I feel guilty?" -- about many of the same issues we ALL have asked -- like balance in our lives of being Reverend and Mommy and Wife and Housekeeper and.... fill in the blank. RevDrMom you are NOT alone.

Caroline from Conyers blogs about helping a soccer league -- hispanic and poor and without proper equipment. She ask if anyone can help overwhelm these kids with love.

Rebel without a Pew has gotten 35 comments on her last posting. I'm jealous.

Grace is going to use the book for their staff study. Yipee!!

Lastly Steph pleas for professional plagerism policy. A serious read and great posting. Pop by and give opinion.

Done for now. Maybe more later??


  1. You know, the people who don't know the context to your above nicknames to me probably think I'm some big weirdo for going around with nicknames with that. And well, they'd be half right. I AM a big weirdo, but not because I have nicknames like that...


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