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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

What's Up Wednesday?

We're now into the fourth day of Advent, and I saw many RevGals and Pals have put the A Light Blazes blog on their blogrolls and called attention to it. There were other thoughts about the beginning of Advent spotted around the webring.

Rebel saw Advent symbolism in some park graffiti, and Lutheran Chik linked several online Advent calendars. I am grateful for Lorna's mention of my father in her post my November 29 devotion in our book. I also want to brag on Songbird's November 28 devotion because one of our church members came into my office today to tell me how much she liked it.

Chaplain Mom needs a little credit for being the constant parent. Leslee says goodbye to the grandfather she never really knew. Grace Happens found an unexpected gift changed her attitude and her day. Meanwhile, Steph solicits your help with a moral dilemma.

Songbird jumps feet first into the American Girl doll controversy. (I didn't know there was one until I read this. Portia and Babs have their AG dolls stored away for their future children--we love them!) Natty posts some groovy sister pictures and Susan Rose is lighting virtual candles.

Gord and I have both composed our own versions of "Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" and "Deck the Halls." Maybe we should keep our day jobs????

Legal disclaimer in fine print--there are now 104 blogs in the ring. Please feel free to add in the comments anything I may have missed!


  1. Since there are now so many people in the ring....perhaps is it possible to have more than one person do a roundup each day? We might get more coverage that way and relieve some of our writers...there are so many new blogs and at times I feel some get covered more than real way to help this I"m sure but perhaps we could get more roundups from people who have the time to do so.....just a thought....

  2. Amy, I like this idea. Or the 7 of us could get a bit more organized. I noticed that QG and I repeated a lot of the same ones. I do have a method to my madness and would be willing to sync up with the rest.

    What would be best?

  3. Sorry for the comment not related to those above.. :)

    I've no blog, and just last week happened upon RevGalBlogPals when googling "Advent Devotions". I just received my copy of "A Light Blazes.." today and I wanted to say how wonderful it is! I look forward to each new day! I will most certainly share this with others.

    Hmm, and maybe I'll get a blog.


  4. Part of the problem is that some of us blog much more often than others. We have ring members who post daily and others who post weekly and some who haven't posted more than once or twice since joining. And it is a sad fact that Blogrolling appears to discriminate against some Typepad blogs, although not all, and perhaps against some others as well.
    This whole enterprise is less than six months old, so we are learning as we go along. As you probably know, I am doing a meme on my days rather than an update most weeks, but when i do update, I make a conscious effort to include people i don't "know" as well and to avoid duplicating the updates from earlier in the week. That's fairly painstaking, and it's inevitable that we will not do it perfectly each day or each week.
    If there are current contributors who would like to share their days or take a sabbatical (or a maternity leave, for that matter), they ought to let me know and I will consult with Reverend Mommy, who is the other blog administrator.
    Thanks, Amy, for your suggestions.

  5. You beat me to it, Songbird--I was just popping in here to say that I should probably relinquish my Monday slot. Truthfully I haven't been really regular about it, since Mary Beth usually posts such wonderful updates, and late enough on Sunday that I end up going "meh, I couldn't do any better than that" and letting it be.

    Grace truly has the gift for updates. I don't know if that's a law school skill or what--distilling down entire articles into short summaries.

  6. Songbird is right. Part of the difficulty is the lack of consistency in the blogroll showing a blog "updated" and the other problem is the fact that some of the blogs are updated almost daily while others are more sporadically updated.

    Here's what I'm doing now: I check every blog on the roll but only read those that were updated the day before or the day I'm reading on the theory that another of our updaters already covered earlier posts.

    I notice that there are a few blogs that haven't been updated in months. Perhaps we should think about deleting blogs that aren't active--say if there's been no update for 6 months or more?

    Blogs created on typepad or otherservices don't regularly get updated, so I always read those. This does take some time, but I enjoy it. I try to highlight new blogger, too.

    Because each of us exercises her own judgment in choosing posts to highlight, having different writers each day is important.

    Will Smama is right, we overlapped a bit this week--I posted earlier than usual because I knew I'd be overscheduled later in the day. I'll avoid doing that in the future.

    If someone needs to switch days, I'd consider it. Otherwise I'm ok with Wednesday highlights.

    And thanks, RM, for the compliment!

  7. I go around in a set pattern in order to make sure that I include the ones that aren't marked updated. I usually blog about ten per week. I also try to only write about those that are from that day or the day before (Monday in my case.

    My pattern is that I start with the first ones in each group of four all the way down the list and then go to the second ones, etc... As new ones get added the pattern gets messed up, but the hope is to give everyone a chance.

    Rachel, thank you.

  8. If you're looking for another reviewer, for a temporary stint or otherwise, I'd be willing to throw my name in the 'ring'...

  9. Thanks, pink shoes.
    Rachel, definitely get a blog! And thank you for the positive feedback.
    We didn't set any sort of a posting frequency standard when we started the web ring, but I am certainly willing to consider employing one. I don't think that's an unusual requirement for web rings. A six-month requirement would mean no immediate changes, since we haven't been in existence quite that long. And certainly someone who is dropped could re-join simply by posting again and then clicking on "join."
    In any event, we wouldn't impose a new policy without e-mail notification to the entire group.

  10. Songbird, you're so darn cute and inclusive.

  11. It's what they teach us in the UCC Book of Disorder. ;-)

  12. oh geez, i just wrote this huge response and it got deleted somehow! anyway, i didn't want to give the impression that the roundups weren't fair or people weren't doing a good job.....perhaps like QG said, if there is no movement within a certain time, perhaps they are off? We are an active community after all.....thanks for letting me express my feelings....and if anyone feels to stressed to do a reading one day let me know!


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