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Thursday, December 01, 2005

New Members

Reverend Mommy is out on a hospital call, so in place of an update here is an introduction of three new members we have added this past week.

Musings of MicahGirl is a poet! Go and see her latest work.

Julie at Musings has been blogging about Advent. Many of us share the frustration with the secular rush to Christmas and are looking for some Advent space in our lives.

Finally, pay a call on Christen at Contemplative Chaplain. Her wit and intelligence are apparent from the first post.

Check back tomorrow for the meme of the week!


  1. Gah! Is tomorrow Friday already?!?!

    I eagerly await the meme, but where did the week go?

  2. Hospital call AFTER standing in the cold for 4 hours for pictures in the live nativity AFTER other visits in the early afternoon AFTER appointment with my advisor. Then I fell asleep AFTER a hot bath!

    I am going to post some of the pictures on my blog.....

  3. So it's okay that I filled in for you?


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