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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Advent-ures Around the Ring

As I was making my tour of your blogs preparing for this Christmas Eve post, I was struck by the blessings I have received from this group and others in my "blogging universe" this year. Last year I barely knew what a blog was. My blog began in March of this year and now I can't imagine a life without it.

Then I came across yesterday's post from Peripatetic Polar Bear, who had the same theme, but expressed it so much better: "Some days I think of blogs as the prayers of the people--unvarnished petitions and memories and hurts and pleas." Read it all here.

Songbird's Christmas Music Friday Five meme (see comments in the post below for the players) was quite popular. My impression from reading them is that most of you want to sing all verses of The First Noel (or Nowell in some of our hymnbooks). Your favorite verse of O Come All Ye Faithful is either the first or the third one, although Songbird, Gord and I want to sing it in Latin. And some of us are just Messiah-crazy.

Reverendbaby watch update: Nothing to report as of 8:15 am EST today (see comments on her last post), but yesterday was reverendmother's blog anniversary--so, reverendbaby, let that be a sign unto you!

Advent and Christmas--the joys, trials and tribulations of the season--continue to occupy most of the RevGals and Pals. Peter's colleagues at work share personal stories during an office Christmas gathering that give him renewed appreciation for them. brother terry rejoices in "an awesome Christmas gift". Check out Sacramentality's post on Advent "Where's the Light?" Welcome back, we haven't heard from y0u in a while!
There's an interesting essay at Hit the Back Button on what it takes to bring "peace on earth in today's day and age." Grandma Jean offers a solution to the holiday greeting controversy that is quite original and Steph asks if the phrase "Merry Christmas" is truly the biggest issue facing our celebration of this holiday in her post "Happy Stuffmas". Gord has a really cute Christmas story to share.

Lorna has a beautiful picture and description of worship at her school in Finland plus a lovely poem. Check out the original Christmas poem "Christus natus est" at Looking Backward, Looking Forward.

Anyone who ever tried to travel during the peak of the Christmas rush by any form of transportation will appreciate Girl's "Travel Advisory". Delightfully snarky! Sue posts a cute picture of her Christmas past while Scog Blog looks forward to seeing Christmas through the eyes of her 2 1/2 year old son. Cathy Knits supplies a link to a wonderful online art exhibition celebrating the season: Venite Adoremus. Jo(e) describes her family's tradition of making and giving homemade presents. "Ally McBeal Moments" follow Blanket in the Grove.

Listen up those of you south of the Mason/Dixon line: Reverendmommy has an important memo from Santa to share. Meanwhile we find St. Cassarole grits-deep in Christmas preparations AND compiling a list of the Worst Sermon Titles Ever. Love those red nails, Rev. Mibi!

If you need a break from all things Christmas, visit Philosophy Over Coffee for the Friday Pop Culture update or go to Rebel's place and give her some advice on what to do or not do when arriving in a congregation as their new pastor. Will Smama expresses thanks for the prayers and gives an encouraging report about the discord in her congregation.

Welcome to the tentmaker, a new addition to the blogring. We're glad you're here! As always, please leave a comment and let us know what I missed.

Now it's almost time in the Central Time Zone for the Lessons and Carols Service broadcast from King's College, Cambridge, so I must go. May God bless each service led by the RevGals and Pals and



  1. Venite adoremus, Dominum!

    Merry Christmas, everyone!

  2. Beautiful roundup

    Blessed Christmas QG, and to all RevGals and friends.

    Jesus Christ was born today! Let us celebrate all that that means together!


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