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Sunday, December 25, 2005

"For unto you is born this day

...a Savior, which is Christ the Lord!"

Blessed and merry Christmas to you all!

Still watching and waiting with ReverendMother.

As a Christmas blog-gift, we have four new ring members! Please say hi to: MissPK (a teenage preacher's kid, with whose questions and struggles I identify...), Searching Sage (Eric, a seminarian in Atlanta) and My Farcical Existence (Miranda, a seminiarian in the DFW area). Amy Butler (Talk with the Preacher) is pastor of a church in the DC area.

Big congratulations to Amy Avery, who has a new job! Say howdy to the new Associate Pastor of Pastoral Care at Worthington Presbyterian Church in Worthington, Ohio!

Jan at StarvingArtists is sharing home communion with her flock, and hearing stories of Christmases past. Steph has a great post about wishing happiness and joy to everyone, no matter what they believe or don't. Terri at Ps. 121 shares a powerful ministry experience.

In Christmas gift land, Katherine has a sweet new guitar; and I have a PUPPY! Gord put together all the presents and wrapped them; then they were unwrapped. Susan Rose has been given a gift she didn't know she wanted until she received it. Stacey was given a nice Christmas bonus, and photos of herself baptizing for the first time. Wonderful!

Clever Title has been in the little town of Bethlehem for Christmas. Can't wait to hear about it! Friday Mom went to Christmas Eve church with the residents of SFW's group home. Girl has been so, so excited. Jo(e)'s family has a wonderful ceremony of thankfulness. PreacherMom has had a busy Christmas and reflects on it, and Quotidian Grace and Twerpette have had a beautiful day in Houston.

Rambling is Good for the Soul has been...rambling.

Will Smama has some great photos and hilarious definitions of Christmas symbols.

Kathryn shares a lovely card, and Net and Jane Ellen, poems. Kirsten reminds me of a wonderful song, "God on His Birthday." Reverend Mommy has a hymn for us and Lorna, a photo. Tentmaker has been thinking about Thomas Merton.

Christmas sermons courtesy of Emily, Joe, and Rainbow Pastor.

Did you see Sue's letter to her feet? Love during Wartime has been sick - get better!

Wishing you all silent, holy, sweet and restful sleeps.


  1. Just so anyone knows, the link to my name actually takes you to another Amy's blog......mine is
    Thanks for the congrats!

  2. Whew! Great job on the roundup!

  3. YIKES Got that fixed now, Amy! Sorry, Blogger was trying to make me crazy, and obviously it succeeded. :)

  4. wonderful round up Mary Beth.

    I also preached on Christmas morning - a very short message and we finished with holy communion at the front - in a semi circle which was much bigger than we expected. About 40 people if not more. But as always there was enough bread and "wine" to go round :)

    the sermon's here if you are interested

    blessings- I'm off to battle with our jigsaw puzzle now. Re surface again tomorrow!!


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