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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Dashing Through...Saturday!

While some of you are dashing through the snow with Advent and Christmas preparations, we're slurping through a cold rain down here. So on to the Saturday RGBP highlights!

Songbird's Friday Five Holiday Party edition meme attracted lots of players--and a few recipes. Check out the comments on her post below to link to them. I'm going to follow her advice and not try to create separate links to every player. Thanks, Songbird, for the suggestion.

Revbaby Watch Update: As of 5 am today, reverendmother was checking in with an inconclusive report. Stay tuned.

Advent is not surprisingly a favorite theme of recent posters. Is blue the new purple? asks Jan at the Church for Starving Artists. When did blue replace purple as the color of Advent? Mary at Raid on the Inarticulate is pondering the annunciation. Steph blends memories of hearing Breath of Heaven performed with reflections on her own journey to a religious vocation in this beautiful post.
The birth of a child is a huge life change for us--so what was that like for Mary and God, wonders Joe at Pondering Perfection.

Cheesehead solicits advice on sending Christmas cards to members of her congregation. When children ask to celebrate Hannukah as well as Christmas, should you "dreidel or not dreidel"? Join this conversation at Rebel Without a Pew. Knitters will relate to Mountain Muse Musing's celebration of the journey of Advent. Gord updates his Advent Challenge of giving at least 50 % of what he spent on presents to charity. And St. Cassarole celebrates the coming of street lights and other marvels of the season in her hurricane-blasted hometown.

Jo(e) walks the woods early on this snowy morning to soothe her soul before embarking on the busy-ness of the day, while Stacey finds herself at the business end of a snow shovel.

Clever Title Here relates some hair-raising tales of sexual harrassment in Cairo. If you ever thought you had a problem with whistles or suggestive comments you'll find your troubles pale in comparison. Sue at Inner Dorothy relates a touching Christmas-related scene in "The Best Socks Ever."

On the prayers-requested list: Chaplain Mom, whose son's surgery for adenoids was successful, but he is now recovering and NotShyChiRev's nominee for Person of the Year. Also remember Lutheran Chik who has a fierce sinus infection.

Philosophy Over Coffee
offers "Long-Winded Pop Culture Update" which touches on rewriting TULIP (yikes! You can't mean it, says your humble Presbyterian correspondent.), shopping with gift cards at the local Christian bookstore and current Christian music. Did you ever say to yourself, "I want to be a bureaucrat for God"? Susan Rose is contemplating that reality here. Welcome to Richard at Looking Backward , a new addition to the webring, who blogs about the conflict between the need for help with assessing stewardship in the broad sense and the cultural values of privacy and secrecy.

And thanks to our other new blogger, Hit the Back Button, who points us to the newest JibJab offering "The 2-0-5 year-end roundup". Very clever, as always, but be warned that because JibJab has become so popular you have to wait through a couple of commercials before the video plays.


  1. '...which touches on rewriting TULIP (yikes! You can't mean it, says your humble Presbyterian correspondent.)'

    Haha, well, he gives it a good effort.


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