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Friday, December 16, 2005

RevGal Friday Five: Holiday Party Edition

It's that time of year, friends. The mistletoe is hanging, the punch bowls are brimming, the large pieces of meat are roasting and the Gingerbread Men await their beheadings. Prepare to bare your souls and share your stories. I promise, I won't tell a soul!

1) Have you ever gotten a really good kiss under the mistletoe? Tell the truth. Spare no details. Was the mistletoe real, because kisses under the fake stuff do. not. count.

2) Do you know anyone who makes real eggnog, not the stuff from the carton? And if so, do you actually like it?

3) What's your favorite Christmas party album/CD ever?

4) Does your office/workplace have a party? Do the people there ever behave the way people in movies behave at office parties, which is to say, badly?

5) If you have to bring something to a party, what is it likely to be? Do people like it?


  1. It's interesting to read this songbird -it's so far from where I am. Companies in Finland do have pikkujoulu (little Christmas) with good food and a programme, but so often they are spoilt by people being unable to resist the extra drink. They are never 'avec' so spouses unless they work for the same company aren't invited. I've only been to one once, and was horrified to find out in Finland that if you are asked to dance, you are more or less obigated to dance two dances! Hubby never told me that - as he hates dancing!! lol

    the answers to 1 and 2 btw are no. boring aren't I? I don't think I've even ever tasted egg nog!

  2. I must admit I've never been to a holiday party that got all that lubricated! I do have a mistletoe story or two. And I may end up answering my own questions here, too, since Typepad is down. Typepad RevGals, it seems that service has been dismal in one way or another ever since I signed up. Do you think I broke it?
    If you do this meme on your blog, please do let us know here so we can come and read it. That will also spare tomorrow's updater having to list Friday Five respondents.

  3. I've never been kissed under the mistletoe, except by the husband. Hmmm....
    I've made real eggnog and it's SO GOOD. Enormously better than the stuff in the carton. Esp. when you add a little Captain Morgan's. Ummm...
    I like GRP's collection of Christmas music. Of course, I love most albums cut by Wyndham Hill.
    And we have a party. Clergy. What more can I say? This year we're having lunch on Tuesday at a authentic Korean Barbeque. I'm reserving judgment.
    I usually take Pecans to parties. From the Stone Mountain Pecan Company. My mother and myself have dealt with this store for more than 50 years. Just down the road, it's a tradition.

  4. As the Saturday "round-upper" let me second Songbird's suggestion that you note that you answered this here in the comments. Thanks, that would be a big help.

    I answered--and you must check out my story of the most notorious Christmas office party behavior of all time in Houston that happened at my husband's law firm and my recipe for Cheesy Shrimp on Grits Toast.

  5. 1) No.
    2) Once went to a party where a British girl made the real stuff with liberal doses of rum. Soooo good. She served it warm, which I much prefer.
    3) Don't have one.
    4) We just had ours, and everyone behaved like, ah, presbyterians having fun. No alcohol allowed, so no one could get snockered.
    5) Booze. I don't have to cook it, and everyone's appreciative.

  6. 1) I've only ever had one kiss under the mistletoe that I can remember. It was on the cheek by a crush in college, so I thought it was pretty good.

    2) I don't think I've ever had eggnog.

    3) Trans-Siberian Orchestra...the one with the kid on the cover looking at the Christmas tree.

    4) I work at a church, so...yes and then no.

    5) I don't think I've ever brought stuff to parties because I'm lazy and/or never think about it enough ahead of time.

  7. ARGH! Typepad, is failing me! Therefore I, like Songbird, will answer this here.

    1) I had a wonderful mistletoe kiss my senior year in high school, from my most wonderful BF I ever had until I met my DH. Under a tree with real live mistletoe growing in it. :) Big smile on that memory, thanks!
    2) I have never done so but plan to try it this year, because my DH hates nutmeg and you can't find ready made eggnog without it. Anyone have a good recipe?
    3) George Winston's December, which is having its 25th anniversary this year. How can that be...I bought it when it was new?
    4) I work at a university and we have daytime parties - no alcohol allowed until after 5, so no bad behaviour. Just a lot of overeating.
    5) Yesterday I took pineapple angel food cake to the party and people seemed to like it. It's fat free & that made the weight watchers happy. I was NOT one of the ones observing weight watching yesterday!

  8. I'll be answering this one over at my place.

  9. 1. Well, if you're going to qualify the mistletoe, then I guess no. (But a few fake ones!)

    2.I'm going to try to look up a recipe today and make some to go with the gingerbread I made this morning.

    3. We have this 2-CD set from the old neighborhood True Value hardware store (four neighborhoods ago) that has all the classics--Perry Como, Andy Williams, Florence Henderson, Jose Feliciano, Karen Carpenter. It's corny, but we like it.

    4. Well, since we have a staff of 2, I think the Office Admin and I will let our hair down and share some cookies on Monday. (She takes the week before Christmas off, and I'm taking the week after.) Probably no desk-top dancing or lamp-shade-wearing, since we'll also have to do a million bulletins that day.

    5. I generally bring wine. People like it...I mean, honestly, its wine. What's not to like?

  10. George Winston, yeah!
    Recipe for cake? I'm going to try to cut down on calories/sugar. (I say as I munch on pecan caramel chocolate chip cookies...)

  11. I'm up!

    I have to admit...I don't think I have ever even SEEN 'real' mistletoe!!


  12. If anyone wants a recipe for homemade eggnog, one of my commenters left one on my Friday Five post! Come and check it out.

  13. I've done it at my blog now, too. Typepad finally works again!! Thanks to all who played. I'm going to visit you all tomorrow.

  14. My Typepad blog is back up, BUT, they are six entries behind on re-posting. That is, there are 6 entries written since December 10 (that I can see in my "list posts" page) that don't show up yet on the blog itself. ARGH!

    This is the first time I've had this much trouble with Typepad. It makes me cranky!

    (All right, we also just came back from 2 hrs. at Costco and I'm sure that didn't help my mood, either!)

    Gotta smile!

  15. I'm posted too. And thanks to all who posted recipes - QG I am SO making your recipe for my friends from Atlanta. They will be stunned.

    Now what are grits? (Just kidding.)

  16. Mary Beth, mine was the same way. You need to go to your Design page and click on Republish. Then it should all reappear.


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