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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Looking Both Ways

Happy 2006 to all of you! I wish I had something more profound to say on this last day of 2005, but I'm distracted this morning with out-of-town guests and plans for attending one of the interminable string of Obscurity Bowls that dog us this time of year. This one's in Houston and features TCU, which is the alma mater of some of the family. So go Horned Frogs! Where's my purple shirt?

On this last day of 2005, we welcome new bloggers to the webring: The Episcobrarian, and Living Out Integrity and Ministry. Stop by their places and give them a big RevGalPals "howdy, we're glad you're here." That makes 119 blogs on our roll. Wow!

RevGals and Pals are looking backward as year 2005 expired and are looking forward to 2006. Some of you participated in Songbird's New Years Meme (see post below and check the comments to link to the players). Most of you aren't resolution-makers, I see.

More looking back over 2005: Steph asks what set that year apart for you and there's a Year End Pop Culture update over at Philosophy Over Coffee. And then looking forward: Lorna is engaging in a little New Year's Spiritual Spring Cleaning while Susan Rose gets acquainted with her saintly mentor for 2006--St. Theresa of Avila.

There are plenty of the posts about everyday things as well. St. Casserole's kittens are getting "fixed" and get sympathy from Emily's Houdini. Katherine doesn't scrapbook but must explain. There's a mixed review of the new Narnia movie from Juniper98. Preacher Mom has a touching story about visiting her beloved Mamma Flora. The impact of viewing a Mexican triptych of the Massacre of the Innocents still haunts Mary Beth. Caroline at Remembering the Alabaster Jar is showing off her new digital abilities And in the service of Ordinary Time, I just spent a day as Samuel Woman.

Of course none of us have ever had the problem of blogger's block (sarcastic face here), so you won't need to read Gavin's suggestions on what to do when you have nothing to say. If Gavin's list doesn't inspire you, then there are two games going around the ring that may be helpful. The Mayfly Project (seen at Will Smama ) is just the thing for the haiku writers in the ring. The Year in Review meme has you post the first sentence of the first post of each month of last year on your blog (seen at Emily's and Mary Beth's).

Lastly and most importantly, prayers are requested by Bad Alice, Gallycat and Rachel. Due to my schedule today I'm posting early so if I miss mentioning something important to you, please note it in the comments box.


  1. Happy New Year to all! May God bless us with a New Year that is filled with His mercy.

    Blessings to you.


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