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Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year, New Roundup.

Hello out there in blogland!

ReverendMother is having a glorious time with Miss M! Speaking of "with," don'tcha wish we could be flies on the wall at St. Casserole's while Songbird is visiting?

Polar Bear has been to visit a cultural icon with all the Bear family along, and what an outing it was! You need to put down that coffee cup before you read this one!

TammyJo enters the year with a rant! So does Philosophy. Starving Artists wonders if THIS is the year? Mibi and Rev. Dr. Mom stayed up til midnight! Natty went to a party and you can see a photo of same.

Folks either ARE making resolutions, or NOT. Many of you discussed such intent in the Friday Five post. Beyond that,

Mary is not making resolutions herself, but shares some from British clergy. The Episcobrarian has some good ones. Cheesehead is looking back over her year, as is Girl. Pink Shoes thinks about what she LOVES. Rambling asks what you will be passionate about this year?

Peter remembers those who have left us this year, and Ps. 121 bids farewell to Ted, an Hospice patient.

Katherine's been reading Harry Potter! A dandy way to bring in the new year. Kathryn shares from Henri Nouwen. Sue prays for her congregation. First Year Minister is road-tripping. Ann's been sick - dang that flu!

Bad Alice is doing better! And we have a quick check-in from Cats, woo hoo! Lorna has been to church despite the snow and no buses.

CleverTitle is sharing about her Christmas week travelling in Palestine & Israel. Great to hear from Christen. And Jules is thinking about Timelessness.

There's been a sock thief at Leslee's. Joe's woods are moody. Preacher Mom is working on the blogsite & watching movies. LutheranChik is keeping up with the saints :) by will at least!

Susan Rose is celebrating World Peace Day, and MicahGirl is praying for mercy and reading Malachi. (How alliterative!)

SisterChrister has contributed a red sweater. Mark finds confession good for the soul! Amy shares a New Year blessing.

Telling Truth has a great photo of her Rev - don't miss it. And I will shamelessly plug my own blog, with guest writer Buddy (and photos).

Steph sends New Calendar wishes!

Now it's your turn: What calendar have you for this year? I will be using Flylady's calendar, which covers 18 months at a time, and also the Former Congressman Chuckles calendar from (published by Lulu, just like A Light Blazes.)

Have a fun day! I'm off to help DH with some stenciling (on a parking lot).


  1. Speaking of calendars (btw, Mary Beth, I have the free one from the woman who does my taxes on the wall - it has a beautiful yellow finch on it)
    I have some questions about logisitics re the Ordinary Time book. Can someone who has The Gift of Logisitics be in touch with me sometime?
    Thanks from rev dot brownell at gmail dot com

  2. I will email you, but I assure you, I do NOT have the gift of Logistics.

    I'm really busy right now, but I will coordinate calendars real soon....


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