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Friday, December 02, 2005

Round up from Finland

Round up from Finland

Anything to get out of doing Swedish revision (grin!)

I lit an advent candle today. You know the kind with the numbers 1 – 24 on the side. And as it burnt I started to look at what’s what over at Rev Gals.

My first stop was over to the baby blessingway - If you haven’t done so yet, do skip over to rejoice with reverendmother here. Reverend mother says her screen keeps getting blurry, and I must say I’m pretty excited about it myself and was in tears with some of the entries. Be warned and have a tissue (Kleenex) or two near by.

Next stop was back to A Light Blazes. and pink shoes at the pulpit’s entry – which ends with “We also can pray and hope for the ways that we want God to be present in the coming year–in the rebuilding of a relationship, in the anticipation of a move, in the discernment of a call. We can accept God's presence in our lives for the gift that it is–praising God with all of our being.”

That really hit home and I’m bound to blog on it later today over at Heavenly Train though my latest entry was about a mince pie!

I checked out one of our newest member Julie at musings, who has done the Friday Five. In an earlier entry she also wrote about discernment and about turning down a job as a pastor! That made me think too!

Rev to be Mibi is back from her trip to the middle east here and she and Mary Beth and Bad Alice also do the Friday Five meme, but a post or two back Alice wrote about curses which is well worth a look!

If you like kittens then Carolyn’s is a good place to visit. Do pray for her and her son too. It’s been pretty traumatic over there recently, and though she’s well aware he’s in God’s good hands, being a mum and letting go is NEVER easy! And hile you are in prayer mode, Caroline encourages us to pray for the missing Christian works out in Iraq. You can read more about that over Remembering the Alabastar Jar. That’s such a wonderful name for a blog don’t you think?

St Casserole and I share a blog birthday. She writes about hers here and submits her annual report.

I hereby award her – with no discussion whatsoever because none is needed an 'A' – what’s more I make the recommendation that Mr C starts a blog of his own at the double!

Rev Mommy (who asked me to do this round up) writes on Meet me at the Manger here with some great pics!

Smallest angel is getting into the spirit of Christmas over at Smallest Angel.

Her picture reminds me that I passed a milestone of sorts today. Fanfare please! I went into the local bookshop and came out without buying anything. I was sorely tempted by a lovely book on snowflakes, (in English) but it’s a bit pricy and will either be cheaper from Amazon OR half price after Christmas and for once common sense prevailed. Hubby will be pleased!

Talking of Christmas purchases. I wasn’t? Well now I am! Biscotti Brain is one of my favourite non Rev Gals blogs. In addition to her main blog (where’s she’s running a contest) she has a secondary blog called biscotti togs. Go take a peak, you’ll be so glad you did!

Oh and I love Songbird’s pink hat.
What a lovely result from having sat in on a long and probably boring meeting.

Talking of boring I’m back off to my Swedish revision.
Thanks Rev Mommy for giving me some time off for good behaviour!

Be blessed!


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  1. I guess I missed the round-up, but if anyone has some words of wisdom on the whole image/representing more-than-just-me issue involved in blogging, I'd love to hear them.

    Thanks and peace out.


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