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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Another Saturday Night

I must admit there is the small matter of a sermon that is not quite complete, but here comes a round-up, nonetheless.

It was two days ago, but I want to point you to some posts about World AIDs day. I wear a red ribbon badge every day, made by one of the women of the Sisonke Beadwork Cooperative. When my son wore his to school on Dec. 1st, classmates had no idea what day it was or why he was wearing it. It worries me. Please don't forget those around the world who are grappling with AIDs. RGBPs blogging on this subject included Jan, Ciona, Brother Terry, Karen, Rainbow Pastor and Peripatetic Polar Bear.

Poor Mad Peter tells tales of Driving the Misses Daisy.

HeyJules writes movingly of the past ten months in her life, while cats gives thanks for the inclusive nature of the prayers being offered up for her family at this difficult time.

Leslee gives me html envy with her snowflakes and contemplates the impact of holiday stress on common courtesy.

Gallycat has added a Blogger companion to her livejournal at Go over and say hello! (Gallycat, I’ve added it to the Blogroll.)

Girl gave me a smile with her story of the Lysol Lady .

jo(e) shares a story from her past.

Sojourner muses on how different Saturday can be when you work in the church. Amen, sister!

Sister Steph wonders how writing truthfully about the ups and downs of a religious life may impact those considering one. I think this is a question many of us will have shared. This was a discussion I really wanted to join, but Blogger Comments is not working this evening.

On a lighter note, LutheranChik explores the wonders of making a Yahoo avatar.

Jeff at Philosophy Over Coffee did his weekly Pop Culture Roundup yesterday and pointed out some blogs of interest today.

Lorna blogs about boundaries and saying “no.”

Being Shielded shared some good news for one of our Ring Sisters, Sarah Dylan Breuer.

Susie Albert Miller posted about the petition for Darfur.

Natty loved the description of Quaker life and thought in M.E. Kerr’s Slap Your Sides.

wide-eyed and laughing grapples with the Kyoto protocols and takes on the Gospel Birthday meme.

And in the Advent/Christmas category:

If you haven’t seen will smama’s Christmas rant, you really owe it to yourself to go straight there. Quotidian Grace adds to the “holiday” fun.

Tammy Jo at 32 Flavors shares some thought about Advent hope.

Some of our Friday Fives dribbled over into Saturday. It was fun to read stories and see pictures of the different ways we decorate. For more holiday decorating amusement, visit Grace
and Gord and Emily and Susan Rose and MicahGirl and Singing Owl. James explains how cats play a part in his decorating scheme. Sister Christer adds a new perspective as she writes about decorating while living in community. I love her image of praying Christmas in with her sisters.

If you like your Friday Five with pictures, visit Sue and Rev. Dr. Mom.

Beth Quick shares memories of The Nutcracker.

Sophia at I Will Sing is under the weather. Will this be the third Christmas in a row? Head over and cheer her up!

And I am feeling a bit of the old Advent overwhelm, not at home, where we are all on the same page about the reason we’re celebrating not being a commercial or material one, but at church, where there is just too much to do.

I wish you all a blessed Second Sunday of Advent.


  1. Eep! thank you! (and thank you!)

    I am noodling around with trying to remember how to blogger-ify, but I just updated it with a short blurb delineating how it will be different from the abbey, which i will likely now make more formal.

    it just started precipitating here in the dc burbs. wintry mix, they call it, but it sounds like little tiny ice hammers spinning out a winter tune. it's lovely and scary at the same time. time for hot chocolate!

  2. Wow! Excellent roundup!

    I posted a sermon on the magnificat--my last sermon before maternity leave! Woo-hoo!

  3. Wow... I have heard of procrastination before but... Wow!

    Great round up.

  4. will smama, you hit it right on the head. On a bright note, it was true that my sermon was at least half-written, and not much more than an hour after this round-up was posted, the sermon was complete.
    rm, how did I manage to miss you? Sheesh.

  5. wonderful round up Songbird :)

    You always make me want to read EVERYTHING!

  6. Wow....WOW!!

    Excellent roundup...and I'm not just saying that because because you included me ;)

    The beginning of the round up reminded me of the red ribbon I have on my winter coat. SO MANY people ask me what it is for, and every time I am shocked that they don't know.


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