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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Sunday Eve Read & Recap

Oh, LutheranChik says it all for me today: "Sometimes it takes a child, or someone with the mind of a child, to remind the thinky, anxious, preoccupied rest of us why we're celebrating a holiday in the first place. God is on the way -- HOORAY!"

In other holiday news, Bethquick has been to see The Nutcracker with a group of youngsters. What a joy! ContemplativeChaplain had a little one IN the Nutcracker, and while that ended in tears, the story didn't. From one stepmama to another, YOU GO, MOM!

Cheesehead can be sure she is a good mom and pastor, but that she would NOT be a good druggie!

Keeping CleverTitle in our prayers, and Cats and her family too. And SisterChrister, whose Mom is fighting cancer. And TellingTruth, who is waiting to talk with the Bishop and saying goodbye to a dear friend; and Rachel, who is in a dry place.

Oh goodie! A new toy! Gord has found us a "What Christmas Figure Are You?" quiz on Quizilla. Inner Dorothy is playing it, too. I am the same "Christmas Figure" they are. Not sure what that says about us, or how the item in question even IS a "Christmas Figure."

MicahGirl gives lovely advice to a son.

A peril of pastoring in the coldish places: Will Smama had to clear the church parking lot so the people could come. And then they did!

Rebel has been out for a job interview. You back yet? How'd it go? The call of the blog has been too much for Mark. Glad to see you back.

If you haven't seen the amazing poem at Reverend Mommy's, please give yourselves that gift! And don't miss the pictures a few entries down...the cutest family!


  1. I did the Christmas figure quiz--I'm a Christmas tree. Wonder what other figures there are?

  2. I was Christmas night. It made me sound a lot nicer than I usually feel by then!

  3. I'm the poinsettia. I don't know how to take that!

  4. You're certainly not toxic to dogs.

  5. My husband was "Christmas List," with the suggestion that he can be either naughty or nice, a very apt description.


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