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Saturday, December 10, 2005

We're Snowed

Your humble correspondent has moved to Saturday update duty in a three way swap with PCIT and Will Smama. So away we go skating around a snow-obsessed bunch of RevGals and Pals.

Songbird's Snow Day Friday Five meme was so popular that it would be easier to note those of you who DIDN'T partipate that those of you who did. Okay, big breath--GallyCat, Pink Shoes, Reverendmother, Emily, Will Smama, Songbird, Rebel Without a Pew, Mary Beth, James,
Bad Alice, Dash, Singing Owl, Gord, Inner Dorothy, Sojourner of Life's Journey, Lutheran Chik, A Church for Starving Artists and Leslee all answered on their blogs. Sorry about jo(e) who guessed wrong about the subject of the Friday Five this week.

Other snow obsessed bloggers include Mark who reveals why he could have died and Steph (who also did the Snow Day meme) is doing the snow dance hoping for a snow day.
Musings on the season continue unabated. Preacher Mom has a love/hate relationship with Advent/Christmas. Susan Rose offers alternative gift ideas and NotShyChiRev posts an original Advent hymn. Favorite Christmas CD's are the subject of Rainbow Pastor's latest post, among other things. Kathryn describes the Advent Prayer Trail, complete with a lovely photo.

Others share their personal struggles. Cats is homesick as she stays in a hotel waiting for the genetic testing for her son to be concluded. Girl Gone Great is "all cried out." Lorna mourns the death of a beloved former pastor. Hey Jules shares the counsel of her pastor over a troubling theological issue. And don't miss Lutheran Chik's rant--she was having a "WTF kind of day."

Reverend Mommy has posted the first installment of a seminary paper on Christian Education and she would like your comments. Teri finds a startling contrast between the contrast of the cultural value of hospitality in the Middle East and the rude behavior she encounters in Cairo. A virtual conversation about the controversy over the ordination of a gay bishop in the Episcopal church is the subject of a post from James at Love During Wartime. Then stop over at Philosophy over Coffee for a pop culture update. If you are wondering how to increase your efficiency when baptising several infants at the same service, check out Church Lady's clever solution.

There's another bloggie game going the rounds--you post a comment with a "completely made up fictional memory" of you and the person whose blog you commented on. Got that? Well, it certainly brings you giga-comments--and very amusing ones at that. Current players include Cheesehead, Songbird, Gord, Inner Dorothy, and Will Smama.

Whistle and Fish write a review of The Chronicles of Narnia at St. Cassarole's. Here's a safe prediction: the next big blog quiz will be Which Character From Narnia Are You? First spotted at Smallest Angel.

Finally, Poor Mad Peter was struck dumb by this gift suggestion...and you will be, too!

Please feel free to give additional highlights of things missed in this round-up in the comments. For now, that's all from southeast Texas where there's no snow, there's no snow, there's no snow!


  1. QG, you are an awesome rounder-upper!
    I wish I could send you some snow as a reward.

  2. Agree with Songbird. Another one for the record books.

  3. Aw shucks...(dragging toe in the dirt). Thanks!

  4. GREAT round up :)

    Yesterday I had a mild rant over a stf - but today I'm trying to be calm about it and am about to write about the harmony and peace of Jesus instead :)

  5. oh and snow here - but not as much as 'usual' .. want some?


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