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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Advent III

Alrighty, Pals, get cracking! Every single one of us has been tagged by Leslee.

Over at Poor Mad Peter's, Sheba is having a birthday and Peter has been Santa Claus. Surely a unique set of celebrations! Gord has some novel Christmas tunes. Twerpette has Christmas carol lyrics in Spanish ... just in case, for your bilingual pastoring needs. And Rebel's been exploring other cultures...still Lutherans, but other cultures, to be sure. And toasting a cat.

Did you hear about the fantastic gifts that Brother Terry and his church have received? Go see! Miracles & wonders! And Christmas is entirely new this year for Hey Jules! and for Gallycat.

Cheesehead has an interesting quandary. What DO they teach them in seminaries these days? Obviously, some seminaries teach jokes: see Philosophy over Coffee. Mibi didn't learn to hot-wire the car in seminary, but she now knows how, nonetheless.

Net has a lovely Celtic (?) prayer to share, and Emily has the COOLEST "Make Poverty History" graphic thingy. Songbird got a CD and some magnets in the mail!

It's the end of the semester for Kinesis and for Shield the Joyous, too. Shhhh! We aren't talking to you guys! Let us know when you come up for air.

Micahgirl is hosting a Narnia birthday party - can I come!? And it's Jennifer's birthday, but doesn't sound like it's been a very happy one so far - a sickie one, rather. Send her a good wish, won't you?

In other celebrations, Grace's Bible in 90 Days Group is celebrating their achievement! Go see the cake and the great lyrics!

Need something to read? Rainbow Pastor's been reading The Bone People - on my list~!

It's 100 days since Hurricane Katrina and St. Cass keeps on keeping on. Polar Bear considers holiday decorations and the faith traditions of her cats.

Ann's father is a hero. I had no idea - I get so stuck in the fights of my own denomination. A man of great, amazing love and courage. December 8th entry.

Love and music to you all.


  1. I'm with Kinesis and Shield ... pay no attention to the girl typing this comment!

  2. Man, it took a lot of effort to post that link, and I still didn't get it quite right. But it does take you there, and you should really check it out.


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