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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

8:25 EST

Huh... well, I meant to do this at 2:00 EST but naptime for The Boy become naptime for Mommy too. Believe me, it was needed and no matter how far away you live from me we are ALL the better for it.

Now, what do all of YOU have to say today...

Natty gets to stay in town this weekend.

Singing Owl has some brief reflections on Genesis from Blogging Through the Bible in 90 Days.

Terrapin Station has entered into the world of Wednesday Goat Blogging. Is that the same goat that Tom Brady posed with in GQ last Fall?

St. Casserole misses garage sales.

Shield the Joyous continues with her honest postings on responding to God's Call.

Songbird and rev-to-be-mibi both give us beautiful, well written windows into their souls.

Lorna posts from seminary in Finland. My favorite quote: "Communication is always a bit hit and miss here. I don’t speak Russian at all, and Estonian is like Finnish spoken backwards..."

Rambling is Good for the Soul reminds us to WATCH THOSE MOLES!!!

Kudos to Team Butterfly who finished this year's Houston Marathon.

Micah Girl has got a good start going on her now out-of-the-closet resolution. Anybody got an exercise DVD recommendation? (Editor's note: Does Rated X count? Editor's Second Note: Me thinks I have eaten too many Jelly Bellies)

The Two Meme and the Four Meme continue to run rampant throughout the ring.

Love During Wartime did a meme called the Lit Bit. You book lovers will enjoy that one.

Looking Backward...Looking Forward is Looking into stewardship.

Ugh, jo(e)... I HATE when that happens.

Inner Dorothy asks us which part of our lives need to be assessed.

Kathryn continues the conversation on, "Does God suffer?"

I have learned what a "sticky post" is thanks to girl.

Gallycat has a kvetch about stitch n' bitch.

Fresh Cut Flowers has posted her 2006 New Year's Resolutions. Interestingly enough one of them was NOT to be on-time with cultural expectations.... (or something along those lines, but funnier...damn coconut Jelly Belly took away my funny).

Jules has got some work to do on her home... her inner home.

Clever Title Here has some things she used to take for granted.

Cheesehead shares how once again a 'No Tolerance Policy' has gone awry.

Canticles asks some questions about failure.

Congrats to Bethquick and her bloggy award!

Poor Mad Peter hosted a "Meet the Candidate" meeting at his house. My favorite quote from his post is: "Joyce told me later that Martha (not her real name), probed Bruce on the party’s stand on same-sex marriage." (Insert immature, sugar-high, tittering here).

That is all. If you posted, but I did not share please COMMENT.

Good night! (9:57 EST)


  1. I posted some thoughts on Christian Unity (which apparently Cnada recognizes at a slightly different time that other places--according to Seasons of the Spirit

    Oh and I followed Mary Beth to a list of random information

    (Still wondering how to set the link to open in a dfferent window. ANyone able to tell me???)

  2. Normally, you would direct your link with an argument called Target (ie, "target="_blank"). For some reason, the comments window will not accept the target argument.

    I suspect it has to do with appearing as a "pop-up" window. Might behave differently if it opened in a new window.

    BTW, thanks for mentioning my bookish entry!

  3. Sorry Gord. My weak dial-up would not access your site for some reason and I gave up.

  4. will smama, you are cracking me up with your titter.

  5. Alright, so I am trying to stay out of the gutter but I so badly want to say something like, "Please avert your eyes from my titter."

  6. Genesis...and Exodus...and Leviticus...and NUMBERS! Whew! Yes, I am bragging shamelessly.

  7. one of them was NOT to be on-time with cultural expectations.... (or something along those lines, but funnier...

    That was a lot funnier then how I put it!!!


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