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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Back to work everyone!

Seems that folks are back from the long weekend and climbing back into the saddle.

Tammy Jo chimes in after a bit of an absence. The group reading the Bible in Ninety Days continues to reflect on that experience. Leslee is remembering her grandmother on her birthday. Gallycat feels she is being pulled in about fifty different directions. Girl is celebrating de-lurking week a week late--go identify yourselves! And check out this cruise for a textbook example of Christian marketing gone berserk.

Pink Shoes and Owl's Song are doing the 4s meme. Lorna has a guest blogger. First Year Minister enjoys an evening of dining alone. Great that you enjoyed yourself, but we wish we could have joined you! And Where to Now is looking for some dog advice. I'm a cat person--can any of the rest of you help her out?

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  1. My de-lurking post is actually a 'sticky post' that will be up until Friday, for anyone who wishes to participate.

    Under that, I have my baby picture and the 4's meme.


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