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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Chocolate Rules the Ring

The votes are in and the Official Pleasures of the RGBP webring are (drumroll, please).

In that order. CHOCOLATE was the runaway-winner. No surprise here! Many thanks for playing. I saw about 25 entries this week. A new record?

Post topics are much more diverse than they were during Advent and the New Year. So this summary is a real grab-bag of good reading for your weekend.

Blanket in the Grove celebrates the return to balance in her life while Natty spent her Friday night on the couch with Emeril and Boone's Farm Raspberry wine. I'm not judging, just reporting! Joe decides that resuming daily blogging will be a good spiritual discipline. Check out this video posted by Reverend Mommy. What computer prowess! We are not worthy!

The Bible in 90 Days bloggers are reading Joshua. Teri has come down with a bad case of "Pharoah's revenge" just before her flight to Italy. You can now look forward to Friday Poetry Blogging over at jo(e)'s place. The weekly Pop Culture Roundup at Philosophy Over Coffee includes discussion of the Chronicles of Narnia and the TV show Arrested Development--an unusual pairing!

Some are seeking help from their blogpals. Leslee is looking for a high school friend. Lutheran Chik dares you to ask her anything. Being Shielded asks if we create images to be remembered in the future or to remember the past. After confessing to being a coffee-holic, Amy solicits your recommendations for a new coffee maker. By the way, given the high level of Starbucks-addiction in the group, I was surprised coffee didn't score higher in the Friday Five.

Do heed Mary Beth's post about the importance of mammography and the early detection of breast cancer.

Web Fun and Games Department. Gord was first spotted posting the Life Path Quiz. I saw a new 2 Things Meme at Hey Jules' place. There's a lot of catblogging going on--see Kathryn, Emily and Jonah's photos.

Reminder Department: Songbird is deleting inactive posts from the blogroll (see her message below). Also if you owe Reverend Mommy a devotion or two for the Ordinary Time book, get on it! She needs your work by the end of the month. And as always, please add in the comments anything that was overlooked in my trek around the ring this morning.

Wishing you a restful and enjoyable weekend however you choose to spend it!


  1. I think coffee maybe didn't score higher because a guilty pleasure may be defined as something - if necessary - you could live without. For a lot of us, coffee ain't something we can live without.

    Just a theory.

    Below my pleasures meme is a post about some observations I made while at the VA hospital in Florida with my Dad.

  2. About a year ago I went to the DR. about a stomach problem. Since I don't smoke and rarely drink I was told that I had to give up coffee. Have only had it once since.

    Mind you I only used coffee "recreationally" so while I had a bit of a caffeine headache once in a while I wasn't used to using it for functioning--except while at camp but that coffee hardly counts right?

    Chocolate--now that I could not function without.

  3. I just have to say that I don't view chocolate as a guilty or small pleasure. It is an absolute necessity, as crucial to my survival as air to breathe and water to drink.

  4. Fair enough. I take it back and I have learned a crucial lesson: she who does not like the chocolate (she types while eating oreos and milk) must not speak for others who must have the chocolate.

  5. Chocolate is one of my two truths on my twos meme.

    Also, I had the coolest thing happen tonight! Ya'll stop by and cheer me on!!!

  6. eating chocolate for the glory of God :)

    I saw that as a signature on a forum (shipoffools or churchoffools) and I loved it!

    Great round up !

  7. Could use some prayers.

    LAst night got a call from a good friend (and someone who Sarah and Devyn absolutely adore) who had been AWOL all week, with none of the regular coffee group knowing where he was. TUrns out he is in the Regional hospital--having a foot amputated this morning.

    He says he has accepted it, that he isn't worried. But I am not sure I believe him, after all the job he has may not be doable with a prosthesis. And the long hospital stay for rcovery and rehab will be hard on him.

    Prayers welcome.

  8. Sad is one word Songbird. I can think of other descriptions but want to keep the blog a family-friendly place.

    What is hard is that this fellow is stubbornly independent, and just plain stubborn. I am sure he called to let us know mainly out of frieendship--but of course he knows who I am. As Patty said when we talking about it afterward and about his claim to have accepted the reality "but he called you".

  9. I know I can be slow on the uptake, but...where am I supposed to post the devotionals? I don't have permission to get on the OT blog. Help!

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