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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sunday Scanning

Any of you RGBP's working on Ordinary Time entries? Please remember that they are due, posted to the OT blog, by January 30. :)

So, what's going on in our neighborhood?

Yodabeth finds that a research project covering something you are NOT passionate about is....ummmm.....just about like a research project.

In the Calling a New Pastor Department: Amy at the Zoo has spent the weekend buying a house, interviewing with the Presbytery, preaching at her new church, little things like that. Can't wait to hear all about it! Rebel is contemplating her arrival at her New Church, too, and what the demeanor should be. Xena, Warrior Princess, perhaps? As she says, "Yikes. Good thing the only image we are really supposed to focus on is the image and likeness of Christ, huh?"

First Year Minister has met Sparks and even has a photo of him on her blog. Clearly this makes her one of the cool kids! Clearly I am NOT one of them because I do not have any idea who this person is....any intelligence appreciated. :)

As The Tentmaker reminds us...we all stand in the shadow of the Cross.

The Lone Barista commends us to Whole Foods for their policies of solar-power and free wireless internet. I am already THERE! Polar Bear will have to be, too, because her home internet connection has been declared KAPUT until further notice. Bah.

In the "please pray for" department, Rachel's left knee has decided to take a vacation from regular knee activity. Eric has a special parishioner who is gravely ill and school beginning at the same time. Rainbow Pastor is sick! Monday the 23rd is Election Day in Canada and Gord shares prayers for that event. Chaplain Mom has been planning her installation for this weekend. Hope it went well. Brother Terry is working through whether to stay bi-vocational...

In the Thanksgivings section, do give thanks for Sister Christer's new baby niece! She is a beauty! lots of photos a-waiting. And here in North Texas, we have RAIN! Bless the Lord! Cats' Silent Prince has lowering lead levels, does NOT have fragile X or a chromosome disorder...and they also have a new doctor.

Telling Truth has received support from administration (hooray!) and is grieving the loss of her Rev. Psalm 121 has finished her hospice service and is reflecting. Joe is considering the role of the church as the hope of the world.

St. Casserole's kittens have writing assignments. Our Songbird has been feeling like a Jonah.

Lorna has been checking in from Estonia, where the temperatures have gone to -29C. She has been working like crazy, dining with a Russian family, trying to stay healthy, and continues with the Bible in 90 days.

Mibi has been on a women's retreat and planning for a Mississippi mission trip. Richard at Looking Backward/Looking Forward is disappointed in lack of willingness to participate in a children's ministry.

Heather has some fascinating scientific items to share. Susan Rose has exported herself to Canada to have lunch and meet another groovy sister.

Julie at Musings is back from her little hiatus and invites comments on Mark 1:21-28, the text on which she is preparing to preach next week. LutheranChik wonders what she wants to be when she grows up? HeyJules has a manifesto: "I am an artist and I work for God."

Jo(e) continues to work on the snowboarding, with an occasional break to relax with her daughter and The Theory Toolbox.

Sue has great hair! and I always make it a point to read her Sunday morning prayer before I take off to church.

Jane Ellen has a derby winner and a knitting obsession. Hazelnut Reflections is just back from St. Louis and will be helping Jane Ellen with the knitting...but I doubt JE will become less obsessed as a result. Just a guess.

GrandmaJean's been on a weeklong directed retreat. Bliss! Gallycat has a famous relative. Dylan warns us about the dangers of overconsuming RedBull. Cheesehead's husband is useful for pithy sermon items. Mary has already done and despatched her taxes!

Tammy Jo commends us to the Sundance Film Festival website and short films available there. Starving Artists writes about secret lives.

Peace out.


  1. I see lutheranchik (in previous post's comments) is having the same problem as I am - I have a devotion all ready to go for the Ordinary Time book and no idea what to do with it or how to to post it. I think I needed to be added to a list or something - what info from me do you need to do that?
    You can get me at my blog or email me at rev dot brownell at gmail dot com
    Thanks ever so.....

  2. I posted about the risk we all take when we put off sermon writing until way too late on Saturday night.

  3. I still dont have entry to the OT site.

  4. Hmmm... I thought I had invited everyone on the ring. Maybe I don't have a good email address?

    Send me email at directly with the correct email address, please. I'll do it this afternoon.

  5. I post observations of what goes on late at night. A post on Silence is coming, if only I can find enough silence to write it!

  6. First Year Minister is a member of an online chat group at called "The Pirates of Penance."

    "Sparks" is a member of this surrvy band as is brotherterry and some other members of this ring.


  7. I need an invitation, too.


  8. Oh yes the OT devotionals. Two of mine consist of a single line thus far (but very good first lines if I do say so myself). And a third was almost half done but looking at it again needs a total rewrite....

    At least one of them is posted (note to self--stop waiting for the last minute to do things).

  9. Just so you know, I am still here. Although, it seems to be the case, that I am "out of the proverbial loop" no one ever comments on my blog in these reviews y'all give...

    Perhaps a little more work on it is in order? Hmm...

  10. erm I wrote it and posted it - but not sure if I did right. I think RevMommy you have posted the others for me, but Ican't see anyone elses entries. Anyway I emailed you about this too.

    watiting for Mia and Ruth's but otherwise my contribution is done. Praise the Lord


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