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Monday, January 30, 2006

Monday Procrastination

In lieu of a round-up I'm posting a few questions.

Why? Because in all honesty, I'm not done with my submissions for Ordinary Time.

The guilt that I have tells me I should spend time writing instead of rounding.

So... in case you're done with your writing, didn't sign up and have nothing better to blog, or, well, need a way to procrastinate writing even longer....

1. Are you a procrastinator?

2. If so, what is your favorite way to procrastinate? And what task are you most likely to put off?

3. If not.... share your best time-management method.

As always, use the comments to let us know that we can procrastinate even more by reading the interesting things that you've left for us on your blog...

Happy Blogging,
Pink Shoes


  1. I don't procrastinate (other than the ironing) I just 'do other things'

    in the case of hte ironing I just dont get it done ...until there is no possible other option. Then I watch a film and iron at the same time. No film .. I still don't do it.

    I just got a video of the recent BBC series Bleak House (Dickens) which I studied for A level - many moons ago - so this weekend I might just might do some ironing too, and watch a couple of episodes ... if I don't find anything else to do :)

  2. I'm going to bed! I have serious writers' block on my last 3 ordinary time slots...and yes, I procrastinate for England...I even delay my procrastination...I'll put off almost ANYTHING that really needs doing, even if its something I enjoy.
    And yes, blogs are my top procrastination tip...but I've even been known to do some housework sometimes, if there are accounts to be completed. Right now I'm procrastinating going to bed, which is seriously dotty as I'm wiped out, have a cold and MUST do those ordinary time things tomorrow, or nobody will ever speak to me again. Oh, and my vicar is away for a month from today, so I can't be ill anyway.
    I must definitely go to bed
    I will
    When I've finished reading all the blogs in bloglines!

  3. I procrastinate on everything. I find that the following help me not procrastinate:
    1. Laundry: There's no clean underwear. For anyone.
    2. Work: My performance review is coming up.
    3. Housekeeping: I can't see the floor. Sometimes this doesn't work.
    4. Grocery shopping: We're out of coffee.

  4. OK, I'm procrastating now.

    I'm going to go to the store and BUY clean underwear. And coffee (not really, but not a half bad idea...)

    Actually, I'm putting off a seven page paper due tomorrow at 2:30. I've got, uhm, 21 whole hours to do it in. That's only a third a page an hour!! Oh, but sleep. I have to sleep, don't I?

  5. And I think I'll join Procrastinators Anonymous.... Tomorrow.

  6. 1. Yes.

    2. Fretting. Paying the bills is a big one over which I fret. (It always feels better once it's done.)

    3. Afternoon delight--by which I mean a cafe mocha late in the afternoon. That's how I'll be finishing my submissions tonight! (As soon I do some laundry, check my e-mail, oversee homework, brush the dogs, possibly even exercise!)

  7. Oh, Songbird...c'mon. I know what "afternoon delight" is, and it has nothing to do with cafe mocha!

    Tee Hee

    Sorry, I couldn't resist. I'm giddy over finishing my Ordinary Time writing.

  8. Well, today it was only the mocha...

  9. 1. YES yes yes yes yes

    2. reading blogs works pretty well, actually the whole computer Internet thing seems custom made for procrastinating. What task do i avoid? pretty much anything depending on the day. I work best to deadlines (unfortunately much of what I have to do doesn't seem to have a firm deadline)

    3. you mean some people actually have time management tools and skills??????????

  10. Also, there's checking back to see if there are any new comments on your post, or on your comments on someone else's post...

  11. I thought I was the QUEEN of procrastination, but apparently I have a lot of royal sisters (and brothers!)

    My most common form of procrastinating is flitting - starting one task, remembering something else that needs to be done and starting that, making that phone call, returning to task #1, dropping it for a caffeine break, etc., etc., etc.

    Things I put off the most: paying bills, writing, balancing my checkbook, writing, vacuuming, writing, making obligatory visits or calls, writing . . . (See a trend here? So why in heaven's name do I say that I love to write?!))

    The best thing to do - is just do it. Once I'm well into a task I find myself enerized by it - or at least by the thought that it will soon be over.

  12. I can see I have much in common with the rest of the list, let me add, ahem, "yarn porn"--i.e. gazing and dreaming at yarn on the Internet (must keep one's credit card securely tucked away before embarking on this form of procrastination).

  13. I don't know, but it seems like the only way I ever manage to get anything done is when I've got something more important I'm supposed to be doing.

  14. It's not procrastinating if you have to do the other things too...;-) (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)

    Yes, I am a procrastinator. Web-surfing is my very favorite way to procrastinate, followed closely by reading inessential paper-and-ink stuff, recreational cooking, playing with my dog and watching mindless television. Things I'm likely to put off include doing my income taxes and other tasks involving bookkeeping; housework; and exercise in the wintertime.

    When I do manage to overcome procrastination, it's because I offer myself a reward: "Do this Onerous Task for a half hour; then you can have a piece of dark chocolate." "Thirty more minutes and you can watch a half-hour of television." "Just get this part done, and then you can read some random-access blogs."

  15. I encourage all of you to procrastinate (please!) by heading over to my blog and helping me with some ideas re: pilgrimage. I'm a little overwhelmed by the options.

    Thanks! :-)

  16. Emily, get out of town. Don't you know your card number by heart? It's just 16 little numbers, and if you know them by heart, there's no stopping the yarnage!!
    (Unless they ask for those three digits on the back, which I cannot remember for the life of me.)

  17. Also, the time I spent exercising? Not procrastinating. Because I needed to do it anyway. (Thanks, LutheranChik!)

  18. love all these comments - esp the signing up tomorrow (grin)

    blesings and love to you all!

    Didn't notice a whole lot of people with time managing skills come forward. Mmmm maybe they don't blog?they don't know what they are missing.

    Kathryn hope you feel better soon, and Emily - good luck with memorizing the CC number (grin)

  19. Argh, I posted stuff and now I'm too wired to go to sleep.

  20. I must say I join in with all the internet junkies out there doesn't feel like procratinating but it is.... that along with soaps on TV and reading anthing I ca lay my hands on...
    I put off house work
    book-keeping and study...
    Is there hope?

  21. Favourite birthday card for TeenWonder a year or two back
    Gang of pigs, with placards, clearly engaged in a demo
    "What do we want?" "Procrastination"
    "When do we want it?" "Next week...."

    Only one Ordinary time entry to go now!
    But still procrastinating...x

  22. ack! i still gotta write my devotional!!!!

  23. My last one was finished last night. Just in the nick of time.

  24. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  25. oh....well, this week I accidentally procrastinated on my last two devotions by a YAV field trip to visit some of the Presbyterian things going on in the north of i promise that i'll get right on those. i suck.

    normally i procrastinate by blogging, reading other blogs, or "just a few more pages" of the latest novel i've lost myself in. this time, by a van trip with YAVs and the area coordinator for Europe and the Middle East. hmm....luckily it was good and gave me some ideas for those last two...

  26. I don't beleive it. Me, the empress of procrastination, I am ahead of things! I wrote a blog last week on procrastination!

    If only I could make you all beleive that I knew Pink Shoes would ask us about procrastination today....


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