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Monday, January 30, 2006

Sundayish Self-Serve

Forgive my failure to round up yesterday; I've been down with a terrible headache. It's an uninvited guest that won't leave.

Perhaps you would kindly round up yourselves this morning, in preparation for the Monday review.

Won't you tell us, in the comments, what you've been writing about? Or share something from another RGBP that you've particularly liked?

Go ahead...Talk amongst yourselves...


  1. I like what Jan had to say this morning at A Church for Starving Artists.
    And I myself am wondering about Emergent/Emerging Church.

  2. oooh, mb - heal well. I HATE those things.

    Girl got some forwards and I had such a stunning occurence on Sunday that I wrote a resignation letter (not really).

  3. I'm joining in on Songbird's emergent wonderings. Over at my place, I had a little nutty. I'm mostly over it.

  4. Headaches are the worst.

    Over at my place I blogged about the Sunday lectionary, and about our "street cred" as the people of God.

    But mostly I was offline scribbling away (actually typing away -- deleting -- typing away -- deleting) at my last Ordinary Time essays -- egads! I will have them done by the end of the day, EST.
    :-0 Writer's block is as bad as a headache!

  5. I'm still looking for people to reign in on their magazine readings and I share my buy of the night at Target...

  6. Oh Mary Beth -- I did that last week. Headaches are heinous things indeed. I hope you feel better soon.

    Over at my place I've written the most difficult letter to my body tummy. It was a tough one, but I think we've reached an agreeable relationship.

  7. OK, as I mentioned the past couple of months have been a little difficult and I haven't kept up with things. But I have finished one of my contributions for the Ordinary Time book. Could someone remind me how I get it to the appropriate person? It's good to feel like writing again.

  8. Susan, did you get a Blogger invite to post directly? If not, you may e-mail submissions to me, and I will be glad to post them for you.

  9. oh poor you Mary Beth :( hope you feel good soon.

    I've been catching up on blog reading - and found a great model of church over at Ross'place (link on my blog) and wrote a review of Credo which is a really good book.

    I still feel half my brain (or more) is in Tallinn. I was close to exhaustion when I got home, but have had a good day and some thinking. But I haven't done my bible reading yet (nearly midnight ) so I'll do some of that now and catchup tomorrow. Need to work on my priorities again, but I've missed you all so much it's been nice to do the rounds.

    Rev Mommy and Cheesehead made me think and Reverend Mother's poems to her girls were wonderful. Loved will smama's letter of resignation and so much more.

    Enjoy and be blessed

  10. PS go check this



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