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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Postcard from the Edge

Howdy folks. Our journey has brought us to the west coast of mid-Florida. This is the postcard. Today I visited my father... that is the edge.

Again time is short so I'll post what I can... wow. Time is shorter than I thought. I have been called into the other room. Peace friends and apologies for slacking. Thankfully a good job was done VERY early this morning and once again I invite you to comment on what YOUR blog is up to.

PS - Next Wednesday we will be on the final driving stretch home so there shall be no post from me. Maybe someone else can find the time to fill in, if not... please feel free to move about the cabin... err, webring.

Happy New Year, friends.


  1. Traveling mercies, will smama.

    I'm heading out to see my dad in Toronto tomorrow morning. I'm a bit apprehensive, but also trusting in God's presence.

    I commented yesterday on my routine mammogram.

    Have all of you Rev Gals had yours this year?

  2. There's some exciting news about daughter Portia on the blog today!

  3. It wasn't really early this morning--the time thing on this blog is set for the eastern time zone--unless I get my round-up done by 9pm Pacific Time it shows up as having been done the next day . . .

  4. having troubles with my blog grrr !!!
    I'd call it spiritual warfare - the post I wrote today (about acceptance) was among the hardest I've ever written - a lot of truth laid bare

    but it's invisible because I can't post it grrr and prayer for me please.

    on a different note over on Q Grace's site there's a link to

    she's nominated many Rev Gals - go check it out and see if we can sweep the board.

    If I ever get to access my site again, I'll post the link there too. (It's not only open to methodists - praise the Lord!)

  5. PCIT, you can change the time when you post. If you look under the text box, you will see the words "Post and Comment Options." Click on them and scroll down a teeny bit, and you will see a place to Change Time and Date. Voila!

  6. Drive carefully, and have a good trip!
    I've blogged about a possible placement outside the UK, and "Seven baskets over" for the animals...

  7. I wrote about the boys downstairs.

    Drive carefully.


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