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Thursday, January 05, 2006


I THOUGHT I was going to be able to do a roundup today. But we have our grand opening in like 72 hours or so (I can't take time to calculate it out...) and I'm going around and "putting out fires."

Please feel free to post your own updates in the comments section.

P.S. I sure miss sleep. Sleep is good. Sleep is nice.

And BTW, JoKeR, a guest blogger has already posted his entries onto the Ordinary Time blog. Remember those of you who are writing, post them as drafts and don't worry about formatting at this time. Just get the basic stuff -- scripture, devotional (about 800 to 1200 words), prayer and YOUR NAME you want to use onto the blog. If you aren't a member of the team, email me and I'll issue an invitation to the blog.



  1. Oh, yeah...Ordinary Time devotionals (looking anxiously at monthly planner)...;-)

    On my blog I have been pondering the scary subject of theodicy...anticipating reading three interesting books that just came in the mail...and languishing for the sun -- isn't that what it's called?'s been so long now, it's hard to remember...that glowing yellow orb up in the sky?...

  2. Mary Beth asks fop prayer for protection for family cos of fire in Texas

    well what are you waiting for ?
    Let's get praying :)

    You know the situation there. We ask for your hand of protection. Jesus you calmed the storm, we ask you to put out this fire, and keep people and livestock safe. Amen

  3. Hi there, posted about and would love some wedding advice - officiating, not being in :)

  4. I'm blogging about King Kong, the one year bible and Mondo Beyondo--the list of all my wildest dreams. Come and post yours, too!

  5. I'm better... well, at least I'm on the mend. Thanks to all for the well wishes!

  6. I am now going to take a deep breath and try my hand at adding another in-comment link. This taxes my html skills to the nth degree!!

    I recently started a Disciples Blogger Network, and DisciplesWorld online mag did a write-up about it. I made sure to mention the RGBPs in the interview, and while it isn't an in-depth look at who we are and what we do, it does include a plug for the devotional series.

    So here goes:

    Click here for the article, if I got the html right!

  7. For all of our Presbyterian RevGalBlogPals out there I just started a Web ring for Presbyterians. If you have a minute check it out.

  8. Great stuff, Katherine! Wish I could remember how to do that...

    Thanks for praying for those affected by fires. There's an update at my place (

    I'm also thinking about knitting and prayer.

    :) MB

  9. I'm musing about personal responsibility, societal influence and judgment...all in preparation for Sunday's sermon.

    Great article Katherine


    Not sure why the caps...

  11. I toyed with the idea of doing the Bible in 90 Days, starting tomorrow ..... and some folks are joining me so I guess I gotta do it now! Anyone else interested? The more the merrier!

  12. Katherine, thanks for the plug for RGBP!
    What's my blog about? What else??? I have a great visitor this week!

  13. There's a hersey quiz over at my place...(back at the familiar sermon evasion station). When I've got through the weekend, will focus firmly on Ordinary Time...but need to confirm that I'm the Kathryn listed in September as well as early July (not a problem either way, just need to know for sure before I get writing). How do I check that one (and yes, I know I should have kept a record in the first place, but this is me, ok?!)
    I guess I'd like to join in the Bible in 90 days, Steph...where's the link?

  14. I'm pondering why I tend to dream about dismembered hands. Now ya'll run on over and help me sort out my psyche!

  15. I'm blogging about sisu (Finnish, usually translated as "inner strength"; it's far more than that) and the beauty of my wife Joyce, about secret places, and morning pages. A grab bag, I guess.

  16. i have, once again, been blogging about Jerusalem--including the experience of walking the via Dolorosa as a pilgrim and the experience of being a tour guide for my friends. The entries are long (especially for Dec. 27), but action packed! I promise to be done with this "series" by tomorrow night....insha'allah (God willing).

  17. I'm blogging about a meeting I had in Atlanta for women leaders.


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