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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Quickly, quickly...

As I am on my third funeral since returning from vacation I am still digging out from the pile on my desk all while I am dumping on it! I laugh in the face of the Ordinary Time deadline and dare it to make me stress!!! HA! HA! HA!

So here is a brief round-up. Please add yours to the comments. I know people check that thing!

Tammy Jo encourages us to pray for Mike.

A Church for Starving Artists makes a great statement: "The problem is not that you disagree about the issues. The problem is that you don't love the people." Her context is The West Wing and a Presbytery meeting.

Katherine blogs about tough texts.

Bad Alice gives us this fine quote: (Have I mentioned that no matter what time Firecracker goes to bed, or how busy her day, at 10 pm I will find her sitting up in bed, bright-eyed, playing with a car?) during her post about why she hates mornings.

bethquick blogs about her favorite author, Barbara Kingslover.

blanket in the grove blogs about saying nothing and one post lower about being a 'non-anxious presence.'

Brother Terry blogs about losing Jimmy. Why he chose this topic when he is surrounded in cyberspace by mostly women is beyond me.

Balancing out the gender wars begun by Brother Terry... Cathy gives us a Spanish Christening Shawl Update.

Chaplain Mom is installed! Congrats!

Cheesehead blogs about her kids, herself and The Spotlight.

Just a reminder that blogger is going down at 4PM PST. I fully plan to use that 15 minutes or so as my excuse for EVERYTHING that does not get doen this week.

Peace friends.


  1. I've got a new poem up. 'Tain't great, but it describes a sweet scene I want to remember.

  2. Dangit, how do I get it to say "updated" next to my blog on the bottom right here?

    I've been a posting. None but the Lord have seen it :)

  3. Some of us (especially Typepad users) never show as updated, but since you are on Blogger, here is a suggstion, RuthRE. Check the settings for your blog. First, go to the Publishing tab and where it asks about notifying, be sure it says "Yes." Save the new settings, if you have made a change. Then go to the Site Feed tab. Where it asks "Publish Site Feed," make sure that answer is "Yes" as well. Once again, save settings (orange button at the bottom of the page), then click on the dark blue "Republish" button.
    I also use the "ping" page at Blogrolling. Go to and use the Single URL Form to enter your blog title and blog URL, then click on the red and black "ping" button.
    Let me know if this works, and good luck!

  4. And actually, now that I look at the Blogroll, you do have the magical "updated" beside your title. I would just add that Blogrolling doesn't update in any sort of real time fashion.

  5. Will Smama,

    Are you saying that women don't get attached to vehicles?


  6. I'm off to our diocesan convention, staffing a table for progressive episcopalians. I'll check in when I can!

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Brother Terry,

    Clearly Bad Alice's Firecracker would disagree with that philosophy.

  9. I've posted a magazine meme... come play! come play!


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