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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

What the blog dragged in

Happy Tuesday everyone. Here's some of what's new.

Songbird and Preacher Mom are doing the 25 Wierd Questions meme.

Another Country is peopled out and recovering from the Canadian election.

HeyJules meditates on the word "funky".

Cathy has a Kiddy Lit Trivia question for us.

Girl finally shares a Disney story.

Share your recurring anxiety dream over at Jo(e)'s place.

Micahgirl also has a sleepless night.

And Finding Avalon shares a collection of animal quotes for in memory of some of her animal mentors.


  1. Hmmm...I don't know if it counts as a 'Disney' story...but I am sure everyone will appreciate the laugh.

    Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Thanks PCIT!

    I have a revbaby update at my place.

  3. I posted some "mommy" stuff I was sent (supposedly to use for Mother's Day service) by a congregation member.

    tqhghzun---are these things getting longer or is it just me?

  4. i did the 25 things meme too, over at the lounge, but I'm posting this under one of my other identities to keep my crappy day a little less findable.

    i had a crappy day because when i told my mom that we were thinking about buying a house, I was met with a stony silence I've come to know as her version of either incomprehension or disapproval. I know we're not on financially solid enough ground to march in and make an offer on a house, but we are able to at least try, and I found her... lack of even remote enthusiasm utterly depressing. Not something I want to post on the front end of my public blog in case my parents hop across it, but it's so frustrating. :/ Needed to get it off my chest.

  5. Yeah! You're buying a house! Yeah! I've always heard that is a GOOD way to get your financial footing more sound.

    I too jumped on the 25 weird questions bandwagon.

  6. pppssssttt....I applied to join finally. I feel sort of guilty cause I am not clergy. Do I get to see the secret handshake anytime soon?

  7. Princess, do you mean to tell me you do not have the Bible memorized? You are not a woman of blameless life (as my diploma says I am in Latin no less)? AND WE LET YOU IN?!?!?!

    Wheeeeeeee! and welcome. No secret handshake just a willingness to laugh at yourself and be supportive of others.

    Glad you joined.

  8. I'm not clergy either. Just a total groupie. I think they may be catching on at my parish, though.


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