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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Saturday A.M. Ring Review

Yesterday's Friday Five Winter Reading Meme, posted by the lovely and gracious Songbird, drew a number of players. Check out the comments on the post below and you'll find lots of good reading suggestions for the dark, cold winter evenings still ahead of us.

A big HOWDY to Mindy of Bits and Pieces of Mindy's Kingdom, the newest member of the webring. Mindy is a familiar commenter on many of the RGBP blogs. You'll want to learn about her plans for Pantypalooza 2006.

A number of you posted war stories from the parenting front. Bad Alice's Drama Queen is growing up. JWD had a Mom Moment she wishes she had back--and haven't we all? Proud Parent Warning: reverendmother reports on her latest parent/child conference with C's teacher. There's a Cheetos addiction problem at Cathy's house.

The Bible in 90 Days bloggers are well into the history books now. Mary Beth sent Lorna a new Bible which poses a dilemma for her. Susan Rose has been reading the parable of the seeds and shares her reflections.

Friday Poetry Blogging is catching on! Jo(e) started it last week and this week Juniper68 joins in. If serious poetry is not your cup of tea, check out Will Smama's Lame Friday Night Poetry and Steph's Lament of the Lonely Cornflake. As Dave Barry says, I am NOT making this up.

Philosophy Over Coffee's weekly Friday Pop Culture roundup includes reviews of the movies Mr. and Mrs. Smith and the Wedding Crashers. Other pop culture posts come from Katherine who is happy The Book of Daniel was cancelled and Amy reports on a day spent with the Food Channel and TLC while recuperating from an auto accident. Rebel offers some hilarious misheard popular song lyrics here. You can find a youth group devotional from Hit the Back Button here which has a Superman theme. Or play along with Lutheran Chik's 5 Guilty Song Pleasures meme.

There was an unexpected gift in the chapel for Kathryn. Carolyn feels God pushing her out of the nest and into a new challenge. Brother Terry is celebrating Mozart's 250th birthday. Economic diversification is the subject of Gord's latest musings. Join the Peripatetic Polar Bear in her happy dance!

Newest blogthing noted at Songbird's place: the Word Cloud. I can't explain this, just go see it.

Finally a good question for all of us from the Rainbow Pastor--What is it you plan to do with your wild and precious life?

Have a wonderful weekend and let us know what's going on with you in the comments, if I failed to note it here!


  1. I updated my blog after a long absence. The past couple of months have been difficult. I finished another quilt top, though. I'll post a picture soon for those who are interested.

  2. I posted about "the beginning of the end of the beginning" and stressed a bit about seminary. moving, law school, and the general chaos necessary to follow my call.

  3. welcome Mindy. I'm SO glad you are one of us :)
    you always were ofcourse --- but this is GREAT :)

  4. Welcome to Mindy!

    I'm going PPB's happy dance over at my place too.

  5. I finished my Ordinary TIme devotions!!! (such as they are anyway). ANd is it just me or is the update function on Blogrolling really not working this weekend???

  6. I finished mine where do I put it again? :)


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