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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Saturday Morning Ring Summary

Songbird sure got a lot of players for today's Friday Five--I didn't know there was so much repressed housewifery in the group. Who needs Martha Stewart or Heloise? Check out the answers in the comments on her post below for all your domestic dilemmas!

As we move into the New Year the topics become more varied. However some bloggers reveal Bible-related resolutions. Steph has organized a virtual Bible in 90 Days reading group and Joel the tentmaker plans to memorize all of the psalms. Blessings on your efforts! Let us know how you're doing.

If you have an idea of what to do with unbaptized folk in the congregation this coming Baptism of the Lord Sunday while you conduct a renewal of baptism vows, please let Beth Quick know. Amy posts a wonderful picture from her ordination showing her celebrating communion for the first time. A conversation with her pastor brings Rachel ephiphanies at Epiphany.
Peripatetic Polar Bear
reveals a hitherto unknown Smartwool socks obsession. Speaking of obsessions, Cats is facing the despair of the tv-aholic cut from her habit. JWD reflects how life happens in small things and Dylan loves the library. Check out Hey Jules' "Best blog of the Week" roundup and find some interesting reading for the weekend. The award for Best Quote of the Day goes to (drumroll please) Emily's hairdresser.

It's interesting to contrast Rev Dr Mom's post about hunting, vegetarianism and the enviornment with brother terry's post about plans to take his son squirrel hunting today. Welcome to new blogger Hermeneutic Land 101--an RN turned Methodist pastor from California. We also hear some exciting news from Jennifer at ordinary time: she is engaged and has set the wedding date for September 2! The QGrace family also has a wedding set for that date and thanks, friends, for all the good wishes.

Many of us have been a jealous wreck over the meet-up between Songbird and St Cassarole in the Katrina-ravaged Deep South this week, but have avidly followed their daily reports. Thanks, ladies, for giving us a window into your visit! We also check in regularly for news from Reverendmother about reverendbaby and are glad whenever she has time to update us. Rebel has another good shoes in the pulpit story for us.

Here's a safe prediction: the new TV series The Book of Daniel will be the subject of many posts. Jane Ellen weighs in with her Memo here. ( Embarrassing Confession: I didn't check it out because it conflicted with my plans to watch What Not To Wear with Babs. Maybe next week.) The Wall Street Journal critic yesterday said Daniel and his family were uptight Northeastern WASPS while Jesus clearly drifted in from California. If you watched, do you agree?
In the Just for Fun and Procrastination Department we find Kathryn taking the Are You a Heretic ? Quiz ( hmmm, what's the penalty? Being burnt at the stake?) and Natty posting the results of her online IQ test. Jo(e) plays the Fours meme. Admire Gallycat's Mennonite apple pie.

This was a difficult week for several of our regular updaters: Pink Shoes went down with a one-two punch of pinkeye and strep throat and is now on the mend. Reverend Mommy is busy celebrating the opening of a new building and Will Smama is "on vacation" but will need another vacation in order to recover. Please include them in your prayers, along with the prayer request from Canticles for a job interview tomorrow.

As always, please let add comments about anything that I missed in the round-up today. It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood and I hope it is in yours, too.


  1. btw I have a broken heart

    (not cos you missed me!!)

    GREAT round up Q-grace!

  2. Thanks for the prayers!

    Haha... I had no interest in Book of Daniel as I have a standing appointment each week with What Not To Wear (not that my wardrobe reflects it... :P)

  3. I posted late... I turned 50 yesterday.


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