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Friday, January 06, 2006

Rev Gal Friday Five: Housewifery

Rev Gals and Blog Pals, Guest Blogger St. Casserole and I would like to know four household products, utensils or appliances that have served you well and truly. For item #5, please share with us one of the above we should never, ever, under any circumstances purchase or expect to manipulate, use or otherwise operate successfully.

Please let us know in the comments if you play along with us today.


  1. Four products to always have on hand:
    1. Knife
    2. Simple Green (Cleaning Agent)
    3. Sink Rag
    4. a Grill

    Something to never use:
    5. Orange Juicer (The little topper that has a serrated edge and a spout)

  2. David, you must give us brand names and specifications. What is the best sort of grill? Do you have a favorite sort of knife?
    My late mother swore by Simple Green!

  3. LOL I may have to use this as a reference while setting up my wedding registry!

    (No, nothing official yet...but I sense a growing presence in the force...)

  4. Brand names? errr does euroshopper (el cheepo count? ROFL

    1.ariel (washing liquid - I prefer this to the powder)
    2.scissors and knives (Hackman are the best!)
    3. toilet paper (we use stuff made from recycled paper - called "eko"
    4.dishwasher tablets (Pirkka - K-shop own label- very good, excellent value, no waste!)
    5. Toaster & Kettles. no idea of the brand we have. The kettle is new though and a flexless one. (Can you believe when I came to Finland (20 years ago) no-one used kettles and toasters weren't common either! Lucky I set them straight but for years we used ones from England and had to change the plugs!)

    useless: (otherwise known as under the kitchensink items) - that toastie maker com waffle maker (tefel) -we gave it to the charity shop a year ago. Goodbye :)

  5. Never wanting to be left out I have also shared my household products, utensils or appliances knowledge.

  6. 1. LOX by Amway
    2. George Foreman grill
    3. Skin So Soft by Avon (Especially good for repelling bugs in the South...)
    4. Always have some Comet handy...

    Things to never use: Kitchen sponges -- they are some of the most unsanitary things known to humanity.

  7. I did it at my house.

    Yeah, kitchen sponges....ICK! I love having a clothes washer (as I said) so I can have a CLEAN dishcloth and dishtowel every day. More if I want! I'm Mrs. Rockefeller!

  8. Argh, I did it at my blog! not my house.

    though I guess my blog is really my "little house on the web."

    Tee hee.

  9. It's a first-- I'm playing the Friday Five on Friday!

  10. I'm not playing today .... too busy getting my Blogging Through the Bible in 90 Days site set up. We just started today, so if anyone wants to join up, they're more than welcome. Or, just pop over and offer comments.

    E-mail me at SrStephOSB{at}gmail{dot}com to get added to the blog.

    Besides, the only real household products needed in a kitchen are ice cream, cherries, cool whip, and sprinkles. Oh yeah ... and a spoon!

  11. Yeah, kitchen sponges....ICK! I love having a clothes washer (as I said) so I can have a CLEAN dishcloth and dishtowel every day. More if I want!

    erm what's a kitchen sponge ... and what do you use instead?

    oh and a clothes washer is that a washing machine ...

    my Ineed some lessons i this stuff.

    Oh and I signed up to read the Bible in 90 days with Steph :) come encourage us on the new site !!

    Hope St C and Songbird are only TALKING about housework!

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. Seeing these posts has motivated me to go knit some dishcloths.

    (Spelled right this time. I _am_ an editor; yeesh.)

  14. 1. Vinegar, the all-purpose sanitizer and cleaner.
    2. Baking soda. Great for scrubbing. Combine with vinegar for foaming action!
    3. Bleach, the only thing that REALLY banishes mold and mildew.
    4. Oxy anything. Oxy Clean for the laundry, Scotchgard Oxy Stain and Spot cleaner for carpet: A miracle in a pump bottle.
    5. The useless item: Carpet Swiffer--what the ????

  15. With the understanding that, apart from cooking and houseplants, I am almost totally undomestic, so asking me about my favorite household products is like asking a vegan for favorite steak recipes...

    1. Fantastik, for all manner of cleaning, including removing laundry spots...just spray it on and rub it in. My mother swears by Fantastik.

    2. A combination of Lemon Joy and white vinegar for washing windows.

    3. Contact grills rock! I have just a li'l Hamilton Beach two-burger-size grill, which is usually big enough for my two-person-one-dog household; if I had to upgrade, I'd go to one of the grills with the removable grill plate, for easier washing. We use our grill constantly. The only things I haven't had good luck with are fish filets.

    4. This might not count as a household item, but...a few years ago I bought a gutter cleaner from a guy at an art fair. It's a bit like an angled hoe on a long handle. You run it along your gutters and flip out the leaves; you don't even need to get on a ladder, if you have a small house.

    5. Useless item: Me, if it ain't about the cooking.;-)

  16. 1. my dishwasher. I insisted DH install one after baby #2 came along. I have loved it everyday since.

    2. Ice maker in the fridge. Paul Theroux claimed ice was a sign of civilization. I agree.

    3. Soft Scrub with bleach. The only thing that works on my 1927 porcelain sink.

    4. A great big feather duster. Don't do it often, but when I dust, the giant feather duster from is the way to go.

    5. Don't waste your time and or money: a stick vac. They don't suck, they suck and they are a pain to empty. And how about that filter? GROSS!

  17. Lorna,

    A kitchen sponge is a cellulose sponge used to wash the sink, dishes, etc. Problem with them is that they are difficult-to-impossible to get really clean, whether you soak them in bleach, wash in the dishwasher, whatever.

    Instead I use what I call a dishrag, which is the size of a face cloth. I just got some new ones -scrubby goodness! :) yay!
    and I bleach them in the washing machine=clothes washer.

  18. 1. swiffer. for everying - dusting hardwood floors, my desk, my laptop. especially swiffer wet - genius for a quick clean up in the bathroom for guests.
    2. those handy murphy's oil wipes for wood.
    3. the mr. clean eraser 'sponge'. perfect for cleaning kitchen cabinets or back splashes.
    4. comet. toilets, sinks, tubs. it works for everything.
    5. rubber gloves. i have a manicure to protect.

    (hm. everything i like will kill the planet...)


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