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Monday, January 02, 2006


Happy New Year! In addition to all of the wonderful gifts bestowed upon me during this holiday season, I also got sick.

I have pink eye.

And strep throat.

I keep thinking that I really probably should not have led worship yesterday. But I was still in denial and thought I just had a bad sore throat ... Which leads me to the following questions:

1. When was the last time you were really sick?

2. What did it make you appreciate again when you were well?

3. How sick do you have to be before you stay home from leading worship?

4. What is your standard sick food or drink?

5. Who takes care of you when you're sick?

I'm heading back to the couch, where I've spent most of the day. I hope everyone else is well -- really, really well.


  1. {{{{{Pink Shoes}}}}}

    I've had pink eye and strep throat, but not at the same time. I know that, separately, they suck, so I can only imagine how you're feeling. Take care!

  2. Oh no! Pink eye for Pink Shoes?!? That's terrible. Feel better soon.

  3. Oh how awful. Feel better soon.


  4. What a yucky combination of sicknesses! Get well soon! Prayers coming your way.

  5. Oh, and I answered the questions over at my place. :) Though I couldn't answer #3, really.

  6. Hope you feel better soon.

    My husband has pleurisy - diagnosed on Christmas Eve!

    I have answered the questions over at my place!

  7. Blessings as you rest and recooperate

    errm what's pink eye? (I thought that was sort of jet lag flying late CA - NY or vice versa - but that's red eye isn't it)

    I've had a rough day :( not ill, but off to curl up on the sofa anyway. All prayers appreciated

  8. Oh poor love...that sounds miserable.
    I'm still on double dose antibiotics from the horrible throat/ear thing that struck back in Advent (and am sooo looking forward to hearing properly when it finally clears up). That was probably the most poorly I've been for a wee while (certainly first time I've been near the doctor in years)and I just couldn't have coped with not leading worship, so guess I wasn't as ill as I felt,- but I did virtually nothing outside the house except for that for almost 2 working weeks. Yuk. Drank soup. Almost any soup. Didn't want to eat much
    Pretty much took care of myself...though the PKs are very consolatory and huggy when around. Husband hates anyone looking after him when poorly, so assumes everyone else is the same. Sadly, no....
    Anyway, get better soon, and rest along the way, yes?

  9. Ugh. I used to get strep every year as a kid. Not since, thank goodness.

    The last time I was really sick was when I had shingles over my eye--for Christmas. Double ugh. It took me months to get over it, because I got iritis, which meant I couldn't bear light, but I still had to go to work, driving through the AZ sunshine half blind.

    Now I worry about everyone getting shingles when their system is down. So take good care of yourself and make sure you continue to be kind to your body even after you feel better.

  10. Going back to the questions: The last time I was really sick was just a couple of weeks ago, when I experienced the one-two punch of a nasty, flu-y upper respiratory infection followed by what I call an atomic faceache -- I'm no stranger to headaches, but this was something new and terrible, that reached from my lower palate up into my cheekbone, and I very nearly drove myself to the ER at one point; at one point I was moaning out loud, so you know it was bad. I'm still feeling the remnants of it. What I've appreciate most is relative lack of pain...the relief of waking up one morning and it not being so bad. As far as how sick do I have to be to stay away from church -- these days I'm on a once-a-month schedule assisting, so I'd say if I knew I were contagious, or too froggy to speak clearly, I'd bow out. My standard "sick" comfort foods are tomato soup, preferably with a toasted cheese sandwich, and massive quantities of fruit juice. When I'm sick my 80-something mom goes into Mom mode, but on some occasions we've both been sick...oy.

  11. Just wanted to stop by with the little birdie word that Reverend Mother (aka new mom again) had a birthday yesterday--stop by her blog with congratulations!

  12. UGH! You poor thing! Feel better right now!


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