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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Ain't Gonna Happen

Folks, a round up from me ain't gonna happen. Please comment on what a slacker I am and how ingenious your latest post is below... except for those of you who have not finishedyou know what... Get Back to Work!!!


  1. I'm a thoroughly bad girl. I blogged, and I even went to work all day, and I did parenting things, but I still haven't finished my last two pieces for the book.
    ::hangs head in shame::

  2. Oh thank you Jesus! I thought I was the only one! Of course I owe all five... GULP! - gotta go...

  3. Only just posted last one....and it's very weak indeed. And I don't have a Small Person to dominate anything resembling "down time" I might have.
    We're all living real lives, that's the problem ;-)

  4. I sent my second-to-last, but I can't vouch for its quality...I'm "sick abed," so it may be a bunch of gibberish.;-) Yesterday, in the throes of a really high fever, I was listening to the living room clock chime, and when I counted to 16, I thought, "You know...I might be just a little bit delirious right now..."

  5. I am so glad I don't owe one of these. I may actually get to read a book tonight.

    Is it okay to give kids Benadryl to make them sleep?

  6. I have some questions about a potential sermon series in Lent. Come by and give me some ideas.

  7. I am eternally grateful to my mom, over at my place.

  8. I mention a few conversations I'm having on other blogs.

  9. I am a weak, weak woman. I had banned myself from all things blog-related until I am finished with my two pieces. Yet here I am, not only dropping in to check in with folks, but even using the borrowed time to comment.

    Can I blame at least part of this on the kids? We are well into our FOURTH consecutive week of having at least one of them sick. Everything is totally out of whack over here. (I know, I know. I had MORE than enough notice to get this done already. No excuse.)

    (hangs head in guilt)

    I'm leaving now. Hope to be back soon when I can stay and play!

  10. Yay you Songbird .... I was afraid someone might chase me down and ask why I had new posts on here when there weren't new posts on You-Know-Where.

    (Which makes me think of Harry Potter and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named...)

    Real nice, Alice, way to rub it in!

    Of course, not that I'm commenting. Of course not. This is, ahhhh, SteFF, the evil twin, trying to get her in trouble. Same way I do when I make her perfectly neat room into a mass of chaos. No, the real Steph is diligently doing lesson plans for tomorrow and brillantly reflecting on scriptures.

    {Anyone buying it? Think my principal will?}

  11. For the record, in case you've been following and/or picked up on things .... the funk seems to have lifted slightly. Thus, I feel the need to post some silliness out of my system to let people know that I'm doin' alright.

    Oh wait. Evil twin wouldn't want to do something like that. Shoot. Way to blow my cover.

    Pay no attention to the girl behind the keyboard!

  12. Compounding real life... computer issues, paper due in twelve hours, read two chapters and write commentaries ... there's always praying, right?

    (Ohh, thank God I don't have kids right now!)

  13. Okay, I finished #5.
    Can I just say that the beheading of John the Baptist is a tough topic for a devotional? Will you then cut me some slack?

  14. I loved reading this :)

    can't wait to read the entries come June or whenever it starts.

    I think all of us will be thinking ... did I really write this :)

    blessings and hugs

    Oh and I wrote about miracles (Elisha) today if you are interested
    and apologised to Songbird over at her place. I did not call her a heretic. Honest!(grin)

  15. oh, i'm a bad bad girl too. i still have two to turn in, but one is written--it's just going through my peer-review process (my boyfriend). The last one...well, the text is really long. and I've been on a field trip. and now I have a cold. I don't have any other excuses though, because there's no school this week AND I have no dependents--not even a cat right now. grr. But, umm, by the weekend. If the Spirit gives me the words by then. (how I love being a church person and using the Spirit for procrastination! okay, only sometimes...)

    FYI, my word verification is "sniky" which I interpret as I am being very sneaky in using the HS to validate my lateness.


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