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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Here's a fast round up.

It will be what I can do in the time I have:

Jan has blogged on people who range from Fred Phelps to Coretta Scott King.
I got stuck on Mary's blog playing with the wordcloud. Again. I think I'm addicted.
Katherine found cuteness.
And today Bad Alice is sponsored by the number 12.
Beth is at an Young Adult Clergy gathering. It struck me, I'm too old now!!! Wah!!
Prayer Alerts! Rachel has left a very cryptic blog entry. Has she gotten a diagnosis? Keep her in your prayers. Revmom/Cheesehead had a visit by a demon. Please hold her in your thoughts and prayers today. Sounds like she's needs some special TLC. Teri is also asking for prayer.
Mindy is doing something with her panties. Really. Check it out.
JWD is enjoying her mother's visit. But the previous entry about the sudden spewing of scripture somehow reminded me of, um, me on occasion. =o)
My dear friend and fellow pirate Brother Terry asks a question of us in blogland. As do I. Well, mine are a series of questions.
Tell all the birds, Church lady has some good seed. Yeah, baby.

OK, outta time. I'm going to go check on the Ordinary Time postings. BTW, they are accumulating quite nicely. Keep up the good work!


  1. Thank you for the positive reinforcement reverend mommy
    ::head down, heads back to desk::.

  2. Just got an update up at my place...

  3. Herod and I are still totally not talking, but that's more the fault of my busy day than of Herod himself, as much as we might like to blame him for everything.

  4. OF course one could easily blame Herodias for John's, um, "shortening". Maybe Herod needed to think with his head instead of other body parts....

  5. No, no diagnosis yet. Just tests!


  6. Sadly, two of us are writing about this passage, and I said I wanted to write about Herod. I'm sure it was true at the time, and I know I could write a fine academic paper about the story, but to turn it into an appropriate devotional, well, it just isn't coming. Not yet, anyway.

  7. just updated at my place. Only for those who Fear No Grouches (or those who want to join us in grouchiness!)

  8. A classic Berkeley photo at my place. . .

  9. Candlemas is the birthday of this little light of mine. Details at my place!

    Also, I wrote a big long thing about how I find myself in "the middle way," but I didn't post it yet because I think I need to reflect on it some more. But I am helping progressive voices be heard in our diocese, and saw that one moderate saw this as an extraordinary powerplay, elsewhere in the blogosphere. I don't want to take anything from her, and yet my experience feels authentic.

    So I'm puzzled, and looking for where I am conservative and where I am progressive.


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