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Friday, February 03, 2006

RevGal Friday Five: Dirty Deeds

In honor of the devotional I have not yet written about Herod’s rather inhospitable behavior toward John the Baptist, I present to you the Dirty Deeds Friday Five.

You will no doubt be shocked to hear that Lesley Gore recorded a cover of “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.” Please name five deeds you have performed unwillingly, half-heartedly, resentfully or inadequately. Feel free to interpret the word “deeds” as loosely as suits you.

(Quote AC/DC if you wish, but please confess to no actual crimes.)


  1. And, as usual, let us know here if you play!

  2. Ummm...if THIS doesnt count as a 'dirty deed'...I don't know what does!!


  3. It must be early morning but I can't think of any. Yet. I may not have the strength to heave up dirty deeds for public viewing.

    You do a great job with the RGBP Friday Five, tho!

  4. I had more in mind things like scrubbing the toilet...

  5. I'm in! A certain cleaning up theme to mine--mind you I really am not fond of cleaning (although I can be very thourough if I so decide)

  6. Whoops...sorry about that Songbird...I really thought you meant 'dirty deed' as in anything other than actual crimes ;)

    In that case, I would have to say cleaning up the messes my roommates leave for me. I am told they don't empty the dishwasher because they are short and can't reach the cabinets, but I don't quite buy it! Besides, that doesn't explain why they leave cookie prep materials all over the counter for days on end.

  7. 1. Cleaning the kitty litter.
    2. Cleaning up the kitty hairballs/vomit.
    3. Cleaning the HUGE George Forman grill that WON'T FIT in the sink.
    4. Picking pieces of Play-Doh out of the carpet.
    5. Picking A LOT of craft sequins out of the carpet.

  8. Journalscape is down! Bleh!

    It's only happened twice in my 2+ years of blogging, but when it does... grrrrrr....

  9. Bad Alice, the worst thing ever was Silly Putty in a rug. It never came out, and my boys never got Silly Putty again. (And don't tell The Princess there is such a thing!)

  10. Five dirty deeds accounted for, over at my place!

  11. The summer between Grade 5 and 6 a bunch of us were sitting around playing cards. One had left some Silly Putty, not in its egg, in the pocket of the jacket she was sitting on. It melted. NOt sure if she ever got it out.

  12. I did the meme and chose to interpret the word deed as chore. Because you know, coming up with five crimes I had commited was just too difficult. Three, maybe, or four. But five? Sheesh.

  13. no dirty deed here, but a wow! I've read some of the devotionals submitted and Wow! I love Pink Shoe's alternative for July 19!

    Let's try to finish up June and July, y'all and start editing!

  14. thanks for the wow reverend mommy. I take it that the posts are 'behind the scenes' in OT -as I at least haven't been able to see them at all.

    Both Mia and Ruth sent their contribution to you at your email address. Hope that was ok. I think the entries from Finland are all in now.

    Do we know yet what we want to do with proceeds from this devotional?


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