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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Saturday Afternoon - Alphabet, the Early Letters

Dear Ones,

Welcome to Saturday afternoon! I am on retreat and it is a joy to have peace and silence as I visit your blogs. The community I share with you all adds to my worship each day.

Jan is back from her roundtable and back to blogging, too. Guess who else is blogging - someone very important to Mary! Go check out her post about the new & exciting blog...

Poor Mad Peter shares more Old Family Photo blogging, and info on his new Lent-specific blog - go learn about what he is adding for the 40 days. WOW!

Katherine is enjoying some marvellous new tea. BethQuick is in Mississippi with a Methodist clean up team and has overheard a little something good. JWD has been to see Sweet Honey in the Rock and gotten just absolutely filled up with sound. The Bible Bloggers are in Psalms (I'm trying to catch up, y'all!)

Chaplain Mom is still thinking about the DMin and asks for prayers for her father, R. Cheesehead tells such a sad story, and remembers an old, old friend. Clever Title has a lovely prayer shawl that she adores.

Conjectural Navel Gazing refers us to two articles: Small is the New Big and Small is Huge. Hmmm. Eternal Echoes is thinking about Transfiguration, and HeyJules is thinking about DEBT. If you have been waiting for your prince, go see Cats'. She is sharing, and I say, Oh Thank you.

Leslee's got a dandy CONTEST for us! Everyone go play. Girl is in Saratoga Springs and thinking much. Kathryn's got some dandy Friday Cat Blogging going on, and so does Net.

I love Emily's writing spurred by the Friday Five. She says: "There are some moments in ministry that don't get wrapped up neatly, that don't fit in a scrapbook or a shadow box, just pieces I want to hang onto, but never know quite what to do with."

Hit the Back Button is playing the Mega Church game. Jo(e) is playing the Pseudonymous Meme, and Kinesis shares a wonderful video.

Did you know Jane Ellen was in Hawaii!? That'll teach me to miss reading blogs for a few weeks!

Wishing you all silence, stars, and a rainy night under a tin roof.

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  1. Thanks Mary Beth - great job. Please take deep breathes of fresh, relaxing air for me.


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