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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sunday Prayer

God of Mystery, God of Paradox, thank you for this day and the blessings waiting for me in every moment. You are at once the Eternal and Unchanging God of our ancestors and the Creative and Dynamic God who dances us boldly into each new day. You accept and love me as I am, and yet, I also feel you celebrate with me at times of growth and transformation.

I thank you for the Mystery today God, and I thank you for the constancy of faith and the assurance of the relationship I share with you in Jesus. Even though at times that faith seems to ebb and flow like the tides......the deep knowledge of your presence remains. That assurance gives me courage to move forward, to test out new and unexplored terrains on my spiritual journey.

Mountaintop or valley, shadow or radiance, you are the God who Stays. Bless all who worship on this day, and help our praise in some small way transform our world into a place of peace, justice and love.



  1. Amen.

    And thank you for posting it so early.
    This delinquent sermon writer appreciated that.

  2. Amen and amen. Thank you for bringing a bit of Sabbath to this day.

  3. thank you for this blessing. I pray you are also blessed. I also appreciated it that it was early - because of hte time zone difference!

    this really spoke to me
    Mountaintop or valley, shadow or radiance, you are the God who Stays.

    The God who stays :)

    Be blessed

  4. I borrowed this prayer (with a few additions) for our pastoral prayer yesterday. It was beautiful.


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