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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Saturday Changes

Announcing a change in the round-up schedule of the blogring-- Mary Beth and I are now dividing the Saturday review of the blogs. We divided the blogroll alphabetically, with Mary Beth taking the first half and me the second. The Saturday round-up will include a review of Friday posts other than responses to Songbird's Friday Five. Sunday will become a sabbath from the review and the Monday team will review Sunday and Monday posts. Other changes are in the works and Songbird will post them once they are finalized.

So take a break from Winter Olympics coverage, fire up that computer and log on with me to some good reading from the webring!

Speaking of the Friday Five, Lutheran Chik added a "Bonus Rant" to her answers that many of you will appreciate.

Lent begins March 1 and Steph has posted some thoughts on Lenten practices that will prompt us all to begin thinking about our preparations for that season. Rebel is moving, but left a post asking you to name your choices for favorite/worst Lent/Easter hymns.

Looking Backward posts the United Church of Canada's statement about the controversial cartoons and questions its conclusion that "racial hatred" motivated those who created and published them. "Don't gamble on Cheney", warns fellow Montanan Jean. Brian McLaren, the Emergent Church guru, is in Australia and led a conference Rev Em attended. She posts some of her responses to that experience.
Rachel, who left the Unitarian Universalists for the Episcopal Church, reports that a play based on her baptism was recently produced in a UU church and that the book she contributed an essay to is now available for pre-order. The weekly Pop Culture Roundup at Philosophy Over Coffee covers a book, a move, a TV series, live theatre and music-- he's a busy guy. Christian servants are the subject of reflections by Rainbow Pastor.

Personal musings included St. Cassarole 'fessing up, Susan Rose spending the weekend with her "groovy sisters", Pondering Perfection revealing that he's "hit the wall", Stacey announcing "things I'd like to know about my future self", and Lorna announcing a week's vacation from blogging.

Several of you had questions you'd like help answering--
"When and why do you comment on blogs?" asked Pink Shoes.
"Why does it seem the conservative theologians go by their initials instead of their first name?" wonders What Is Your Only Comfort.
"Should I participate in the Challenge Walk?" Preacher Mom wants to know.

The Johari Window craze really swept the blogring this week. Latecomers in the latter half of the alphabet were Caroline and Rev Dr Mom.

Want to start your own mega-church? Visit me for more information.

Now back to your regularly scheduled Olympics programming, but watch for Mary Beth's post later today covering the first half of the blogroll. Leave a comment if I overlooked you!


  1. Not Johari-ing, but soon to be walking.

  2. Hey, I just want to say that I am grateful to those who do the roundups. The webring is so big now that coming here and checking out the links through the roundups makes being part of this community possible.

  3. Just experiencing the new-ness of being a pastor at my site....

  4. Mega Church-good game but in reality no thanks!!!

  5. jo(e), I'm grateful, too! I'll be on the Monday round-up team with Pink Shoes starting this week. We are still looking for a partner for will smama on Wednesdays.
    Anyone who might like to volunteer can drop me an e-mail.

  6. "Procrastinates while blogging!"

    Find out what fueled such blatant labeling at preacher, blogger or procrastinator.

  7. The swap is starting tomorrow over at my place if anyone else wants to play!

  8. I only went away for a week and it's all changed around here!

    all looking good too :)


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