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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sunday Prayer

Holy One, Creator of Life and all that is Good, help me to breathe deeply and take in the beauty of the day. As my mind tries to call me back into its busy-ness, guide me to the place of peace that you invite me to find.

Today you are doing a new thing, as you do each day. Help me to be energized by your presence and activity in our midst. In our worship this morning, we welcome with great joy a little boy who will be baptized. May this new time in his life be a blessing to him, his parents and god-parents, and all of us who commit to walk with him in faith.

As our worship ends with the benediction, so our service begins with our Annual Meeting. Be with us God. Bless our sharing and reflections on the year past and hover close as we move into our future together.

God, today I hold in prayer especially the people of Minnedosa United Church, Manitoba. Their church burnt to the ground last Saturday night, and today their congregation meets to make some decisions. Bless them, pour your Spirit upon them, and may they know that their brothers and sisters in faith are lifting them in the light. Amen.


  1. Friends, welcome Sue to the contributors' list for the blog. I have been appreciating her Sunday morning prayers for quite a while, and the Matriarchs were delighted that she accepted our invitation to being cross-posting them here.

  2. What a beautiful prayer Sue, I love the part about breathing in deeply


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