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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Wednesday Round-Up Part Dos

Great job Net with part numero uno... hopefully this won't be Charlie Sheen's sequel.

Tammy Jo gives us a glimpse at a Second Chance.

A raid on the inarticulate has found her son's blog.

Anna at All Manner of Thing has some book recommendations.

Poor Mad Peter posts on property and love.

Bad Alice gives us a review of M. Scott Peck's Glimpses of the Devil. And then she proceeded to scare the begeezus(sp?) out of me.

Brother Terry has been examining the emerging church and finds he might be one of 'em.

WELCOME TO THE WORLD SOPHIA ELIZABETH! Shhhh! Quit your yelling, can't you see the baby is sleeping?

You can read Cheesehead's helpful lectionary post here or here.

Where can you find popcorn carts, a dappled gray mare, a purple galabeya and oh so much more? Clever Title Here has the answer.

conjectural naval gazing; jesus in lint form. The name of the latest Praise Music songbook? NO! It's tripp's blog. Check it out!

Erin has my kind of diet.

Contemplative Chaplain could use some comments from you visitors.

Eternal Echoes encourages us to talk about Jesus.

Hey Jules has figured out Lent.

Gord is an INFP.

Leslee has found a quiz to determine what flower we are. In the next post down she asks What is one place you have seen that only a picture can adequately describe?

If you haven't caught onto Girl Gone Great's Day in the Life series then you haven't been laughing as hard as you could be on Tuesdays.

Kathryn proudly introduces us to her very first loaf.

Net had a parsonage inspection and has the backache to prove it.

Hazlenut Reflections has held a press conference to discuss her dropping out of the Olympics. The good news is that this will allow a much younger knitter to get some great experience in the competition.

Are Tuesday's weird?

Here is a confession. Hit the back button to move fwd is one blog that intimidates me. When I hang out there I feel like the dorky youth director in the cafeteria who no one wants around while the cool guy with the guitar and the sunglasses is over there with the football players.

Sophia needs some down time.

Sue gives us poetry: More on Salvation. It is good to know he is not your boyfriend either.

Jo(e) gives us a window into her childhood.

Kinesis posts about something I cannot even BELIEVE is happening. I saw the CNN headline myself but figured it couldn't mean what it sounded like. Wow, was I wrong.

Continuing in the 'things that should not happen' vein preacher mom posts about prejudice.

THIS is not a porn site.

Another blog that intimidates me.

Lutheran Chik likes the drugs.

Becky has found the Simpsons personality test.

Jean has some comments for the Russian Orthodox Church.

Susan Rose is planning a retreat in the rain.

And finally my farcical existence has posted her word cloud.

I want to leave here before the choir shows up (don't you judge me) so I will check later for errors... as always please add to the comments!


  1. not the cool guy hanging with football players.. sorry to burst that bubble, but i'd bet we are more the same than different. &:~)

  2. My blog intimidates you? Must be the sheer volume of verbiage, rather the quality ....


    Thanks for the mention!

  3. Gavin - I am sure we are too, I think it is the picture at the top of your blog. Just brings back memories of youth ministry in Florida.

    James - it is the verbiage... although I am sure the quality is there too.

  4. Will smama--super roundup! You and net are truly an awesome team. Thank you.

  5. What a great name for a praise music song book!!!!


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