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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Wednesday Round-Up Part Uno

Hi Gang! I'm net from grace happens and I am absolutely excited to be part of the PA Tag Team of will smama and net. will smama and I will be sharing the Wednesday Round-Up duties.

Susie tagged us with a Presidental meme.

Sister Steph over at Narrow at the Outset is pondering, "Just who are the marketing whizzes over at the pharmacutical companies for the little blue pill and natural male enhancements and why are they sending adverts to her?" Too funny, Steph! Go figure.

You can find Philosophy Over Coffee's book review of The Organic Church by Neil Cole. Thanks for reading it, PoC and explaining what it means for me.
Prayer Requests: ScoGblog at Pilgrim Blogs Progress (Sounds like she has a full plate!) Girl at Processing Life needs our prayers because she's going through a rough spot. Joe feels kinda burned out.

Reverend Mommy is musing about "church stuff" - women clergy. Thanks for being so honest about your struggle. I've been a "trailblazer" for three churches now. Thanks to juniper68 and Songbird for your comments! What a terrific support group we have!
And speaking of Songbird, she has a big dog to groom. Any helpers?

I'm all about double-dipping and so is Pink Shoes in the Pulpit. Mmmmm. Dill Dip. Salsa. Guac. Cheez Whiz ...

wills mama discusses the peculiarities of wearing two hats - pastor and mommy. Hey, we can all relate! Sometimes pew sitters Just.Don't.Get.It.
Grace happened for Chaplain Lydia . Yep, grace has a way of sneaking up on you! Grace also happened for PJ at Young Punk Pastors . Really good stuff!

Quotidian Grace invites discussion about the imposition of ashes on Ash Wednesday. Good stuff!

Check out the guests at revdrmom's birdfeeder!

Hope and pray Purechristianithink gets moved and settled in soon. Sure do miss her!

G'day revem! Glad you got your chai, chi - or whatever - flowing!

Whistle & Fish are almost six months old - yeah! Micah, Jasper and Asher send their rubs and greetings! Check out their poses at St. Cass' place.

Rev Amy at Talk with the Preacher gets serious by "devoting a whole lot of time to questions I really could care less about." Those of us with children who have inquiring minds can sympathize, Amy! My 23-year-old son is a Research Assistant and his questions now really have me stumped!

Singing Owl has a chowder recipe that sound incredibly awesome! Thanks to aforementioned son, I do have a walleye in my freezer.

PPB over at the The Ice Flow has had a tough time with this Life Guarding Course, but persistence and assertiveness pays off. You go, PBear! (BTW, have you ever heard that wonderful '80s classic "I Want to be a Life Guard" by Blotto? Sorry. I digress.)

Beth has given the "author of the Book of Hebrews" a name. Can you guess what it is?

Joel, The Tent Maker is in a place we can all relate to. Be blessed, Joel! You're among friends! Keep on being faithful!

The Lone Barista is engaging in my favorite activity of late: Quizillas!
On a side note, I've volunteered to help edit Ordinary Time. Wow! From the few entries I've done, it is going to be FANTASTIC! I write as I speak - duh; but you others ROCK! I'm not worthy!
That's my part of the Wednesday wrap-up. Stay tuned for will smama. God's blessings, ya'll.


  1. Net - You did great!!!

    I'd better get on it... and thanks for giving me a title too.

  2. Outstanding roundup, Net. Welcome to the team!

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