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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Wednesday Round Up

Creative title, no?

Be sure to welcome our newest member rev em!

There appears to be a proliferation of Johari windows all complete with their own set of apologies for taking part in this latest craze. I say no apologies necessary. Imitation is the highest form of flattery and the window is pretty sweet. So relax and enjoy princess of everything, cheesehead, Inner Dorothy, luctor et emergo, my farcical existence, possible water, rev dr mom, reverend mommy, Songbird, peripatetic polar bear, girl, and Singing Owl.

To experience the flip side be sure to give a look at the Nohari window as spotted at the almond branch.

If I missed your Johari or your Nohari, let us know in the comments and I will add your link.

Folks for your own safety when doing these things please keep your appendages within the car at all times and remember that most folks are rating you on what they know of you from your blog - not your actual multi-dimensional, fantastic self!

For sanity's sake I will highlight the posts with today's date only(2/15):

Brother Terry had one of those real moments in the pulpit that both terrifies us and inspires us. Rock on bt, rock on.

Cheesehead has some reflections about this week's lectionary passage and how she is seeing it right now in the light of a transition at her church.

Now I realize Dylan does not need me to advocate for her and I am breaking my 2/15 only rule and yet I encourage you to peruse her blog if you haven't already and read some really great (imho)stuff. "Bono mentions people like me" is what caught my eye, but there are others... and there will be more.

Eternal Echos reminds us to breathe... with beautiful visual imagery. With breathing comes the reminder of God's all-encompassing love.

Another cheat, but I though folks might want to know that Gord's babe appears to be doing well in utero.

Me thinks fresh cut flowers is hungry!

Girl gone great has actually gone mad and she's got the complaint letter to prove it.

Grace happens has a run at some of our favorite quizilla's. I will need to hurry up and finish this so I can find out what winter sport I am and what rejected crayon I am. Be sure to go find out what Grace is... too funny and yet another reason to hate the Wizard of Oz (you read that right Dorothy!)

Hazlenut's brain is mush.

Jane Ellen defies a groundhog to conquer the ultimate sign that spring is right around the corner.

Congrats to kinesis who is quite happy with exam results.

Love During Wartime is shooting for a certain number by a certain date.

Susan Rose reintroduces herself.

Finally! The recipe for Chocolate-Chunk Bread Pudding I have been looking for thanks to nueva cantora.

Philosophy over Coffee has returned sooner than we thought for another cup. Glad you're back and recharged!

I am breaking the rules again but this next blog is too genius to ignore. Hee, hee, hee... did I get you?

I cannot put into words the travesty that Quotidian Grace sheds light on. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll seriously reconsider your own church's fundraisers. Wow.

Rebel is sifting through items to be moved and in ways is also sifting through time. It can't be THAT long ago, can it?

Is that a mugshot of Caroline? Good luck, friend.

CONGRATULATIONS rev-to-be-mibi!!! Your "to be" is closer now than ever before.

Wondering who that smarty pants is at the front of the classroom? Look no farther than Reverend Mommy! No worries, rm, I hear the first step is admitting you have a problem.

Can anyone keep up with Lorna? The woman is learning 6 languages, taking 23 courses and contemplating at least 9.3 very deep theological concepts all at one time. Meanwhile I am checking up on Tom and Katie at huh. Maybe there is a lesson there.

Uh. Oh. Pure Luck has only just left and already Songbird is posting pictures of her dogs. Are pictures of empty chairs soon to follow? Hang in there girlfriend (o)

Soliloquy posts eloquently about what can happen when a door is left wide open when it could have been slammed shut.

Terrapin tells us about her valentines.

Natty asks "what does your candy heart say?".

I ran through the whole durn list so if you posted after I passed or find this in error please adjust in the comments.

Have a great night!


  1. I have a Johari, too. But I've posted again since I put mine up so it's missable!

  2. Sorry, I tried to scroll down on most sites. Truly I was mesmerized by your beautiful post to your hearbroken friend.

  3. I am in awe. I am a female minister in NSW, Australia and have been looking for an online community I can join. In NSW the Baptist church has only ordained 13 women with about 25 women in church ministry (out of about 330 ministers) so there isn't a huge amount of support. My blog is Revem

    I feel as if I have come home Thank you

  4. Hey all. I've been nominated for a "Best Catholic Blog by a Woman" award. Feel free to drop by and vote for me at

    Most of the other blogs in my category are more conservative and have a stricly catholic audience. I've got more visitors from a variety of faiths. And there's nothing that says you have to be Catholic to vote!

    Polls are open till Feb 21!

    Susan Rose
    Musings of a Discerning Woman

  5. Hi, Emma! We're glad you found us!! It is such a good thing to find community. It's on my mind this week as I think about the friends who lowered the paralytic into a house to get him to Jesus. Where would we be without community?
    I've just added you to the members' list and blogroll. Friends, go and say hello to Emma!

  6. Emma - very cool! Welcome.

    And Susan Rose... you go girl!

    And Songbird. Well, you know you rock.

    (Note to self: NO caffeine after 8)

  7. I just added Johari/Nohari at my blog...

  8. YOUR honour

    none of the following is true

    "The woman is learning 6 languages, taking 23 courses and contemplating at least 9.3 very deep theological concepts all at one time."

    lafffin' (as Mindy would say )

    today I submitted to the waffle iron, have just eaten toast and delicious marmealade to celebrate its over, and off to meet a friend for prayer.

    I can't even name six languages (laughing) and am now praying to God to send me elsewhere - English speaking please!- as I believe I've forgotten the miserable little bit of Swedish I learnt in the autumn. sigh!

    but will smama you made me LAUGH and trust me there have been too many tears (of frustration) recently so I bless you for that.

    But I have been wondering about UMC's open minds open hearts open doors mission statement and the fact that the doors of the churches in this city are firmly bolted unless there's a worship service going on.

  9. Happy to spread the chocolate any chance I get :)

  10. I've piled on the Johari/Nohari rage!

    Also note some new art, and a lengthy post on how I escaped the closet.


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