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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Valentine Story

It was a Valentine's Day long ago, seven years to be exact. I happened to find myself at the mall shopping for new foundation garments. Pushing the 3-year-old Very Little Princess in a stroller, I made my way into Victoria's Secret. It was chock-a-block with harried looking male customers who, given that the hour was approaching 5 p.m., had clearly left their Valentine's shopping to the last minute.

After choosing some new underpinnings, we lined up to pay for our selections. Very Little Princess began looking around. We had been shopping in the garden variety cotton undies section of the store, but the items displayed near the cash register were somewhat more, shall we say, exotic.

Very Little Princess caught sight of a brassiere that intrigued her.

At the top of her lungs she cried, "Mommy, look at those bee-yoo-tee-ful BREASTS!!!"

The already uncomfortable men standing in line looked studiously away from us.

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

(Want to share a Valentine's story? Leave a note in the comments!)


  1. (was howling with laughter when I came here from Songbird's place! That is TOO funny!)

    Friendship is priceless, and a gift from God.

    In Finland Valentine's Day is called friends' day and I love that.

    I praise God for each of you RevGals and Pals - and thank Him for those of you I've got to know.

    May today be fun and full of love and laughter.


  2. Lorna, I love the idea of Friends' Day! A happy Friends Day to you!!

  3. Awright! Good for her! And Happy Valentine's Day to y'all!

  4. Oh, that is hilarious! I don't have anything humorous, but this morning DramaQueen woke up, sat up in bed, and said, "Wouldn't it be beautiful to see the word Valentine spelled with roses?"

  5. My sweetie made me a delightful Valentine breakfast this morning while I was in the shower.

    And he said, "There's a card around here somewhere." (You'll need to go to my blog to see why he said that....)

    Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

    Songbird, I heart the Very LIttle Princess!!

  6. My sister & I were trying on "special foundational garments" that would work with my wedding dress (many moons ago)and came across a nice little strapless number. We ventured into dressing room, I tried on and we both agreed that it didn't look right.

    Helpful Lingerie Assistant came in and advised us that the bra was on backwards.

    Sad but true.

  7. I went to find where I had put the card for Patty and found a Christmas card I had bought for here. The thing is, neither of us can remember if I had accidentally bought two or is I forgot to give her one last Christmas (2005). OOPS!

  8. I posted late last night about what it was like yesterday to be shopping for a watch on Valentine's Eve, and how I wouldn't do that again. (Men shopping for last-minute gifts at the counters).

  9. there is no "h" in love. check my blog to see what my silent prince did to say 'appy valentine's day to me this morning.

  10. I told my Valentine's story yesterday...

  11. My Valentine always writes the same thing on the front of the card. It's a pet name we both had for each other a million years ago, back when we had time to sit around and make up pet names. It's the only time he ever writes this particular name, and I love that he has done this consistently, even in the years when we weren't very "valentiney" to each other.

    Those years it was especially touching to me, even when I was reluctant to show it.

  12. I wrote a little valentine for R at my place.

  13. ROFL!!! (Were you wearing your clerical collar?)

    I just got back from lunch...had to run into Rite-Aid for something...whoa, baby...the place was overrun with very frightened looking men, snapping up what was left of the candy and plush animals. I guess when Rite-Aid runs out of stuff, they'll all migrate to the gas station down the street and pick that clean as well.;-)

  14. ahhh! i do flowers to make some extra money on v-day and mother's day. it makes it a nightmare. by the end of the day, i wanted to throw the arrangement to the person receiving the bouquet.

    ugg. this is terrible. i must redeem my associations. . . .

  15. May I say that the use of the phrase, "foundational garments" charms my prissy heart?

  16. I like the use of "underpinnings."

  17. I guess I wrote a non-valentine, for a brokenhearted friend. I'm not really sure why I did this on Valentine's Day, except that she had called.

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