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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hey! Is this Still Wednesday? (a thru m)

Jan's son put his feet where his faith is.
South Dakota (for better or for worse) continues to inspire some of the best posts I have read on our webring. The latest is from Cheesehead.
Dash uses quotes to commentate on The Fear Rainbow.
Jean puts a human face on Iran.
Polity and procedure - ikk (This is under the subheading of denominational/church politics.)
Gord askes about pre-approved religious holidays.

Where is the best place to live? Micah Girl wants to know.
Susan Rose is off to the Jersey Shore on a not-so-secret spy mission.
Julie posts - and I am guessing not for the last time - Things They Should Teach You in Seminary. My list is currently about 20 pages long - hang in there Julie!
Miranda is nervous about a homecoming sermon.
Here is an interesting query about a co-worker.
Tripp is chorally satisfied... and needs a nap.
Somebody's birthday is coming up...
The Bishop, dogs and pics can be found at Good in Parts (not necessarily in that order).
Heavy Revvies - Great haiku! But, ummm, could you make the volume thingy for the music that automatically plays a little more accessible for those of us cruising the internet at ungodly hours of the morning?
Sue, just leave it to pastors for ruining a good thing.
Ooo! Game Night!
Do even the spring peepers read jo(e)'s blog?
What?! No post from Love During Wartime? His quest to have 1500 posts in time for his third anniversary may have fallen short, but he certainly seemed to do his best on my round-up days! Come back on Wednesdays, brother... I missed you today!
LutheranChick continues caring for her mom and has now suffered the ultimate indignity - a $20 cell phone.
Wendy checks out her quirk factor.

Anna gives us some thoughts on the annunciation.
Our Bible bloggers are at Romans. (Wasn't sure whether to put that in this category or the one below.)
Eternal Echoes asks the questions that few mainlines want to hear.
Pretty Pentecost!
Hipchickmamma has entered the realm of the Prodigal Parable. Truly this is on the short list of great, juicy parables.

The Book of Bebb

One wonders how much 'hiding' Bad Alice will be able to take.
Brother Terry (o)
HeyJules, it's time.
Has Leslee lived up to her own expectations?
Hazlenut reflects.

Katherine is enjoying her family. (sniff, sniff, sniff - What is that smell?)
Carolyn returns and gives us an update on some illness and some vacation and one very sweet grandbaby.

The Inside Man is reviewed by bethquick.
Cathy knits... and prays both for (thanksgiving) and with (intercession) her ipod. I might need to seriously get one of these things... how do I make that a professional expense? Anyone?
When is Clever Title going to come back and give us her firsthand account of the eclipse?

Here is a great example of how you can use laughter as a tool for survival.

Have you seen Pink's video Stupid Girl? Thanks to Gavin at Hit the Back Button to Move Forward for putting the video on his blog. IF YOU ARE A WOMAN, HAVE A DAUGHTER OR think it is time to break the trend of escalating emaciated, plastic-filled, empty-headed girls to celebrity status then you need to check out this video.

Incidentally, Pink dresses in a lot of ways in this video - including quite trashy - in order to make her point and I still thought she was the most stunning and beautiful in the more dressed up vignette as President of the United States.

NOTE TO SELF: When you wait until the end of the day (or worse yet, the beginning of the next one) there are A LOT more blogs to write about.


  1. Thanks for posting about my random question on where the best place is to live. I really do want to hear from people who live in a variety of places. That way I have the benefit of collective wisdom!


  2. Thanks for your encouragement. Certainly no obligation to post about folk who haven't updated!

    I have now posted something - one of those "why I haven't written lately" entries. Which I might not have done without your nudge.

    So,again, thanks!


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