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Thursday, March 30, 2006

This is Definitely Not Wednesday - N thru Z

It's funny how life is moving routinely, slowly and almost boringly - and then - BLAM! You get slammed. You all know how it is! Here's a quick round-up:

Check out beth's genealogy. Sounds like she might be related to the Addams Family. Don't worry, Beth, I'm pretty sure I'm distantly related too!

See what natty got invited to!

Add willow to the list of RGBP's who've gone on retreat at a monastery.

Laila aka "Mudbucket" has taken over Stacey's blog.

Amy at Talk with the Preacher had an epiphany of sorts while participating in a day-long photography class. Cool!

St. Casserole has received replies regarding her "Miss Manners" entry. Also check out her latest purchases!

Don' Revem gets asked the question"Are you really the pastor?" Lettsee, I've been asked, "Church secretary? Choir director? Sunday School teacher? Director of Christian Ed? Custodian? (And my favorite) "The girl in 'Accounts Payable?'" Welcome to female clergydom, revem! Keep your sense of humor!

Quotidian Grace is singing "I Got the MOTB Dress Huntin' Blues!" Besides being a songwriter, she's a pretty fair story-teller too! Check it out!

Will smama blogs about pastoral care and professional courtesies.

Juniper68 over at Possible Water is divesting herself.

And over at Narrow at the Outset, Steph puts a new twist on an old story.

Apologies to all the friends I've missed! Leave a note in the comment blog and we'll check YOU out! Caritas!


  1. Between you and me, Net, I think it is ok for us to be a litle late on the round-ups. Since on Thursdays reverend mommy does her thing and on Friday we get the meme the next one isn't scheduled until Saturday anyway.

  2. I agree with will.

    Also would like to invite people to my place where I am pondering writing, publishing and God's abundance (or lack thereof).


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