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Monday, March 20, 2006

Monday, A-L

Greetings on this Monday night!

Against a Brick Wall blogs the ipod meme.

Jan went home and writes about it beautifully. Sometimes it's good to go home! It's also nice to be able to welcome home those who have been away. Poor Mad Peter's Em is home!

Katherine writes about health and I, for one, have learned something.

Find out what's happening in Bad Alice's world! Cathy also recaps her week. Heavy Revvy reviews what makes a day! Leslee has made an adorable penguin cake and shares some other tidbits!

Beth shares some of Jesus' Greatest Hits

JWD is living into the mystery.

Terry is beginning a reformation.

Church Lady has chronicled the importance of staff meetings ... mmmm.... staff meetings.

Clever shares the power of memories through tears. Some days are like that.

Contemplative Chaplain has an earworm -- you know, one of those songs that gets stuck in your ear.... so frustrating!

Sally is preparing a Bible study on God's love... check it out!

Girl has a talk with the Boy and Kathryn has found her (Kathryn's that is, not Girl's) diary!

Gavoweb shares some thoughts about myspace and church...

Sue responds to a hard question with graciousness and beauty. Thank you for sharing your response.

Breakfast anyone? Check out Jo(e)'s blog.

Kinesis shares the Way of the Cross.

Loud, Brash and Dramatic struggles with the questions of discernment.

Lutheranchik is reading Chittister and thinking about the blogging community as "being church." Great questions and thoughts!

I hope and pray you're all well -- and as a reminder, check out the prayer partners posting!
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  1. I always manage to post right after the round up. Ya'll come cheer me on as I play with Ordinary Time. You wonderful writers, you.

  2. I apologize to the second half of the alphabet. I didn't forget you, but I have been running a low-grade fever since Saturday afternoon, and I ran out of oomph last night before I got around to updating. Please make a note here of what I'm sure were deep and brilliant posts around the ring.

  3. Get better, Songbird!

    With a day off, I have posted 3 times: dog as guest-blogger; listening to the body (complain) and Chocolate Cake for the Apocalypse.


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