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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sunday prayer

Gracious and Holy One, this is the day that you have made and my heart rejoices in it. The sky is blue and signs of spring are all around me. The days are lengthening and before long new life will appear in the form of spring flowers. Thank you God for every sign of hope that lightens the burden of this long Lenten walk.

God, this morning I'm struggling with how to reconcile Jesus' action of turning over the tables in the Temple courtyard with protests around the world that have turned violent.

You call us to stand with what is right. Jesus stood up for the people's right to worship without being conned. The students in France are standing up for the right to fair working standards. Where O God is that fine line that divides the righteous act of social justice and the act of rioting?

There are no easy answers to the struggles that divide our world, are there? I hear you inviting us to stay the course, always remembering that you call us first to Love - not law, or doctrine or dogma.

As we worship together this morning, God, may the Spirit of Christ inspire, teach, and comfort each one of us. The journey is long and the road occasionally curves in ways we had not expected. It is good to know that you wait for us at every turn.


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  1. erm (laughing) it's snowing here -minus 5 C and spring is far far away :)

    thanks for the reminder that LOVE is the way. His way. And for the curves in the road. My journey with God has been bumpy for a few months -and yet I can join you - and others - in saying - today is the day that the Lord has made and yes I rejoice in Him.



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