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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Soggy Saturday A-K

Forgive me if I missed it in an earlier roundup...but even if so, it deserves saying again. Jane Ellen has received and accepted A Call! Here it is in her words (and she needs to be prepared for me to be on the way to visit her!):

So come this summer, I will be priest-in-charge for the congregations of
Yellowstone Episcopal Ministries-- a regional ministry of churches just
outside Billings, Montana. Four small mission churches, each with different
gifts and challenges, working together for the Gospel. Yes, there is an
assisting priest, thank God-- and one who seems both focused and flexible.
We're going to get along well, I think. We're moving to Montana!!

Jan meditates on two versions of March Madness. BrickWall offers some great options for celebrating St. Paddy's Day. Katherine shares some writing from her 13-year-old self with us (what a concept! could you all bear it if I tried something similar? or would the Internet explode from the sheer drama and self-pity? 'Course, I never wrote anything like this.)

Bad Alice has a number of things going on! including new next-door peers for the young'uns.

BethQuick has a post & link to a CNN article about Rev. James Tramel, who earned an MDiv and has been ordained as an Episcopal priest while serving time in a California prison for a 1986 murder. He received parole from Gov. Schwarzenegger. Is this right? What do you think? What about Tookie?

Tripp at Navel Gazing has lots of good articles for your consideration, too.

Mindy's latest cow is a good ole Plainview advertisement. Mindy, I sure hope you all have gotten some of this good soaky rain we're enjoying!

The Bible in 90 Days folks (whom I have deserted) are all the way to Matthew. Brother Terry is practicing his turkey call!

The Spring Break Friday Five was played by Cheesehead, Clever Title, Construction Time, Eternal Echoes, others?

Gord's got a great engagement story AND picture! Congrats to you all, 4 years down the line. Speaking of pictures, Leslee's caption contest is back.

Kathryn shares from Henri Nouwen and Grace upon Grace, from John Donne.

Emily is dyeing! I can't wait to see how it turns out and what you make with it...

ChurchLady gives excellent suggestions for using the multiple, multiple phone books she is receiving.

Sue shares a list of what is making her smile today. Go read it if you'd like to smile, too!...

and Kinesis has had an amazing window into grace. God bless us, every one.

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  1. Congrats Jane-Ellen. (I can't get into your blog so hope you see this here) Montana! Sounds exciting :)


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