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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Spring Break Saturday K to Z

A lot of you must be preoccupied with spring break activities because I noticed Songbird had fewer players than usual for her Friday Five meme topic --which was all about spring break! There were also fewer other posts yesterday and so far today, but there's still a lot of good reading on the ring, so here goes.

St. Patrick's Day inspired a number of posts. Susan Rose spent the day with the Groovy Sisters who include a number of Irishwomen in the group. Twerpette reports that the Houston archbishop gave the Irish dispensation to eat corned beef on St. Patrick's day this year instead of the usual Lenten fish on Friday. Lorna, Sister Christer and Stacey also marked the day with special posts and I saluted the Irish monks and provided the Grace Family's Irish themed menu.

Speaking of cooking, Reverend Mommy is baking up a big batch of "sin-crushing bread." I need some of that! Steph is exhasperated, but not by the bread baking.
On the social/political front, Kinesis is piloting a new training program for LBGT allies at her seminary and Preacher Mom doesn't like Congress' new immigration reform legislation. Natty is disturbed by rising gas prices--$2.65 in her area!

Loud, Brash and Dramatic
is celebrating her milestone 40th birthday--have a good one! Mibi survived her Commission on Ministry interviews but St. Cassarole was stressed by a long day guiding denominational officials around the hurricane-devastated Gulf Coast. Fortunately, Amy reminds us "all shall be well
Poor RevEm was mistaken for a burglar and nearly got arrested! Ann asks for comments on a purity versus evangelism issue at her church.

James posted a five part poem. Was it inspired by the West Texas wildfires, James? At the regular Friday Pop Culture Roundup over at Philosophy Over Coffee there is an interesting note about a new book by the author of Fight Club.

The newest blogthing may be the one I spotted at Beth's. It is hard to describe but involves pairing questions with a random song shuffle.

We are supposed to get some much-needed rain here later today. So I hope to join Rachel in a good nap.

Please let us know what's up with you this weekend if I missed noting it here. And a blessed Sabbath to all.


  1. Good guess

    We've had fires in Okla, as well. Had tornadoes in one part of the state, and fires in the other.

  2. Three posts in less than a week, it must be a record for me.

    I cover: vocation and listening, my introduction to Taize, and a new youth project!

    A general wish for cooperative pens to those still finishing their sermons for tomorrow!

  3. I'm afraid that Friday Five was a bit of a loser. Inspiration does not always strike! But it was worth it just to read what will smama had to say.

  4. I was positively Martha Stewartian today -- vacuumed most of the house, including the walls and Endusted all the electronics. And baked cookies for someone at church that won my cookies-for-a-year prize in our raffle in Dec. It was frightening. This is not who I am. LOL And...this week...the carpet steamer.

    The Apocalypse may be on the way.

  5. Yeh, go read will smama.

    Love, will smama

  6. Lutheranchik,
    Do you want to come to my house? I can give you some left-over communion bread? (yeah, I have some "reserved host" at the church -- LOTS of it).

    (The loaf was SO BIG that the Associate Pastor joked it wasn't just Jesus but a few disciples, too.)


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