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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wednesday Round-Up Part I... uh no, I didn't forget...

Tune into Miranda's Farcical Existence for a good ol' fashioned
seminary library duel.

Wendy at My Backyard gives us the tale of two houses in two different posts - the one we worship in and the one we grew up in.

Micah Girl reminds us why to cherish the morning. I am guessing she does not get screamed at by a one year old for running out of banana... but I digress.

Wanna go to a Lutheran Carnival?

James is kneeling at the altar.

Preacher Mom is missing her grandmother.

Have you got any books for Kinesis to offer those who are just starting their Christian fact finder journey?

I don't know about you, but I am seriously considering inviting myself on retreat with jo(e) next year. In her latests she admits she brings friends.

Sue has been rewarded not ONLY with a blessed visit with a congregant but also withsweeeeeeet sneakers. And actually I do think the 'S' stands for Sue.

Gavin has covered everything from basketball tournaments to schools to unruly children to fun with anglicans.

Welcome home from Iraq Brad!

Check out the pretty sunset.

Grandma Jean needs some of your opinions on the Grand Sweep: Genesis to Revelation in 354 days.

Grace Upon Grace posts her sermon for those of you who get stuck coming up thsi Saturday night... I mean if you want to be inspired! Great thoughts - go check it out.

There are decisions to be made at Good in Parts.

Girl Gone Great has been sorting through relationship advice.

Gallycat has got the diet for you. Praise the Lord!

Go pop in on Leslee. She has quite a tribute to a friend who is gone too soon.

Another beer quiz player.

Cats leads us to a funny link.

Spring has sprung!

Dash directs us to learn more about Tom Fox.

The Chaplain is getting Contemplative about the body and the spirit.

Tripp is a-'musing'.

Chaplain Mom is facing some frustrating hurdles on her way to
France. Hope those meetings went well.

The Bible bloggers are having conversations about saving Psalms for later.

JWD blogs on baseball and posts some poetry at Blanket in the Grove.

Mindy has a gorgeous painting and a great post to go with it.

Beth Quick asks: redemption or not? You be the judge.

Happy Birthday Poor Mad Peter.

I wish there was an orchestra playing songs that reminded me of spring in my lobby. Of course, I also wish I had a lobby.

Jan is halfway there.

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  1. There is nothing more scary in the morning than running out of bananas with a 1 year old. Give me warfare any day.



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